Zippo Pay – Review Of Bryan Winters Cloud Software

Zippo Pay is a new cloud software button created by Bryan Winters. This review will see if you can make money with it or if you already need a product to sell.

Before we start this Zippo Pay review, get your early bird discounted access via the link below as part of the current new-launch offer. It certainly is a legitimate and ethical way to make use of cloud based software to get an income coming in online, even if you are a beginner just starting out.

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zippo pay review

Zippo Pay

Zippo Pay is a “pay by lead” patent pending cloud software launch by Bryan Winters. You may recognize his name from other proven internet marketing systems including 5 Figure Day, Hardcore Funnel System, Moola Vine, Cash Blurbs, 5iphon and now Zippo Pay is his latest addition.

The way it works is that they use a special Buy Button that is placed on a website. So when a visitor arrives on a sales page they have the option to either pay full price upfront or to get the product for free after they have done some work in promoting the offer by generating leads for it.

This extra choice provided to the visitor is likely to increase sales conversions for the vendor because people like choice. And for people that will be prepared to work by generating leads to get the offer for free will in turn get even more sales for the vendor.

So it is a win-win situation for both customers, vendors, and newbie affiliate marketers alike. The customer has the option to get an offer for free and the vendor gets free leads and sales as a result of the actions of that customer who essentially becomes a temporary affiliate of theirs.

Zippo Pay Review – Suitable For Newbies?

In this Zippo Pay review it is very important to highlight the fact that this system is 100% suitable for newbies. You do not need to be a vendor with your own product to sell to use this patent pending, viral cloud software app.

That is because Bryan Winters provides Zippo Pay members with “done for you” sales funnels where you get your very own product to promote and earn commissions with.

It looks like the offer for this done for you funnel is called Dumb Little Cash Makers (DLCM). So you either get the upfront commission by promoting this offer with the system they give you or you get viral free leads and commissions from other people promoting this offer on your behalf (so they can get it for free by doing marketing for you using the app button).

zippo pay button

Another benefit is to this viral software is that you can build your email list for free from the viral traffic and leads that website visitors will be providing you. And then you can send out emails every now and then to that new list and make money by promoting affiliate programs of other products.

Lots of people are going to really benefit from this system. Vendors will get higher conversions are additional free viral traffic, leads and sales. Customers will have the option to get free products in exchange for doing a bit of work to promote the offer first. And newbies will get their very own product funnel where they can instantly become a product vendor and start getting commissions from both their own efforts and the efforts of others. It is going to be exciting to see the various different success stories that will come out of this.

Zippo Pay Discount

The new-launch Zippo Pay discount is available from the official website below. It is a one-time $20 price at the time of writing compared to $20/month for ongoing access which is what it looks like it will come.

So be sure to use that page below to claim early bird access at the lowest possible price and get your hands on this innovative new software and done for you funnel systems to kick start your adventure in this exciting world of digital marketing.

The other Bryan Winters systems have really delivered the goods in terms of helping beginner online entrepreneurs build big email lists and generate ongoing residual income paychecks by leverage the power of viral technology. The innovative twist to this new launch is going to take things to the next level for sure.

Thanks for checking out this Zippo Pay review.

==>> Click Here For Official Zippo Pay Website (New-Launch Discount)

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