Zippo Pay Review – Viral System That WORKS?

Hiya, this Zippo Pay review will see if you can make money on Clickbank and JVZoo with the Bryan Winters done for your funnels. Let’s take a look!

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Zippo Pay Review

Zippo Pay is a new internet marketing launch by Bryan Winters on the Clickbank and JVZoo marketplaces. This review will see if this system really works to make you money on the internet. Or is it a bit too hard for the typical newbie to get started with?

It is worth starting by pointing out that Bryan Winters is one of the good guys in the digital marketing industry and he has a very strong track record over the years of creating winning systems and products. His focus has been on turnkey funnel systems that let members simultaneously earn affiliate commissions whilst building their own email list.

There has also been many viral aspects to his systems that not only enable users to get leads and sales from their own activities, but to get the viral benefit of when the referrals they make to the system go onto do their own promotions.

Other systems like this from him have included 5iphon, 5 Figure Day, Commission Miner, Moola Vine, Hardcore Funnel System and more. So it is very exciting to see another one of these viral sales funnel systems added to the mix as well.

Zippo Pay – How Does It Work?

OK, in this Zippo Pay review let us move onto how this system and viral software actually works and how to make money with it.

It evolves around a special “button” that is placed on your website or funnel that gives incoming visitors two options: 1) to buy the product and 2) to get the product for free after sending a certain number of leads to that offer.

So you either get the upfront cash when someone buys via your link or you get additional traffic/leads sent to you buy the customer if they want to get it for free but by putting in the effort of promoting it first. These additional free leads can in turn lead to more commissions because you are building your email list and can promote other offers to them on the backend. And the free leads sent to you can in turn also buy the offer and you get instant cash commissions from them instead. It is a win-win situation that is for sure!

Product vendors who already have their own products can simply add the button to their website next to their existing “add to cart” button. So now customers get the choice to either buy the product or get it for free by promoting the product to others first.

But this is also suitable for complete beginners who do not yet have their own products to promote. Because you get “done for you” (DFY) funnels to use as a member of this viral system. This means that you get to promote existing sales funnels as an affiliate marketer. Your unique affiliate ID is hardcoded into the website so that you can either earn commissions by selling the product or getting free leads to your email list, depending on what the visitor decides to do.

So this is completely newbie friendly for those that just want to make extra cash by promoting turnkey sales funnels and not their own products.

Zippo Pay Discount

The Zippo Pay discount is applied to this new launch offer and it means you can get access to the system for just $20 one-time. It looks like this amount will increase to $20/month in the future after initial launch.

In summary, this looks like another exciting launch by Bryan Winters that seems certain to deliver the goods once again. It enables people of all levels to plug-in to this propriety software in order to generate traffic, leads, sales and affiliate commissions in a viral nature.

There are obviously no guarantees with this type of system and effort is going to be needed to promote the links. But this is going to be so much easier to get started generating a monthly income online compared to going at it alone and trying to create your own products or sales processes etc.

Anyhow, be sure to grab your new-launch access via the page below. Thanks again for reading this review of Zippo Pay.

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