Your Income Profits Review – $1,000 Commissions Scam?

Your Income Profits Review –  does the system make legit $1,000 commissions or is just a Your Income Profits scam?

Your Income Profits is a new launch on the Clickbank platform. Most new “make money online” offers tend to go over to the Clickbetter marketplace (I don’t think Clickbank likes the high refund rates with the more hyped-up products in this niche) so it is interesting to see another one launched on this particular marketplace.

In this review of Your Income Profits we will see whether customers of this system can actually expect to get results, or will it just be the affiliates promoting it for commissions that will make all the money?

I have been working from home doing affiliate marketing for a good number of years now so I hope my thoughts will be of help!

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Your Income Profits Review – Scam or Legit?

To start my Your Income Profits Review I will say that their “traffic middleman arbitrage” strategy most certainly looks like it will be an affiliate marketing system.

This is a great industry to learn about as it can potentially provide an enjoyable and flexible way to generate an income at home with your own simple websites.

So the affiliate marketing industry in general is not a scam and if they teach you the basics of how to get your own websites up and running and generating traffic then there may be some value in Your Income Profits.

However, I am not keen on the hyped-up way this product is presented.

It gives the wrong impression. Most people are not going to get anywhere near $1,000/day in commissions and it is not quick and easy to get results in this industry.

Whilst it is well worth learning these skills, many customers might be disappointed when they realize that there is more too it that the sales page lets on.

How Does Your Income Profits Work?

Your Income Profits works by teaching you about affiliate marketing.

This is where you get your own website setup and then you learn how to advertise your site in order to generate “traffic”, known as visitors.

The aim is to then provide some content to these visitors before having them click off of your site and onto the sales page of a product vendor via your affiliate link.

As a “thank you” for referring them new customers you will earn a commission if someone goes onto buy a product after visiting your links.

These websites can range from simple 1-page lead capture pages to blogs with lots of content.

Either way, that is what they are referring to when they talk about “traffic middleman arbitrage”.

You are not the person generating the product and providing customer service.

And you are not the advertising source that is selling traffic or providing a free platform for placing ads.

Instead, you act as the middleman to send traffic from the source and onto the vendor sales page and you earn a commission for your work when sales are generated.

It is actually good that they made the effort to describe this simple 3-step process in their sales video presentation.

Most other product vendors try to keep things very vague.

That is because they want you to buy the product 1st to find out the “secret” to how it works. But Your Income Profits is more transparent about the strategy they are using to make the money.

Your Income Profits Testimonials?

Are the Your Income Profits testimonials from real customers actually using the system?

To me they look like fake reviews from paid actors who are reading from a script.

I can tell this because I recognize the same freelancers appearing in a ton of different sales pages of similar product launches all claiming they have made a ton of money using the system.

The way they read the testimonial is very unnatural as well and some of the income claims are a bit too high to believe.

Also, this is a brand new launch so they are unlikely to have so many success stories on launch day since no-one has had the chance to give it a proper go.

I like to see systems that use real customers as the testimonials.

You can tell when they are real because the footage is less professionally shot and the speech is much more natural and improvised.

Also, the proof of results are much more believable and sometimes they show of some very “small wins” rather than big life-changing income being generated.

I don’t even think it is necessary to have testimonials at all on business opportunity sales pages. I am more interested in learning about the person whom created the system and how it works rather than what results other people are getting with it.

Your Income Profits Review Summary – Worth A Try?

To finish off this Your Income Profits review, there are quite a few things that I don’t like the look of on the sales page.

First of all are the fake looking testimonials. I prefer either no testimonials or ones from actual customers.

Also, there is not much transparency about whom created the system. Sounds like they are using an anonymous pen name.

The income claims are quite hyped-up and give newbies the wrong idea about the level of results they can expect to achieve.

And finally, I am suspicious of the very low $9 price point for a Clickbank product launch. Whilst you may feel you get your value for $9 if you learn a useful marketing method or two, there are likely to be much more expensive upsells (of $97 or $197) where they hold back the best techniques and “real secrets” to make the system work the best.

Having said that, there may not be a Your Income Profits scam since they are teaching you about a really cool business model: affiliate marketing.

I also like the way they make the effort to describe how this process works in 3-steps on their video presentation.

I am just skeptical that a hyped-up product launch like this is the best way to learn about this industry.

In any case, thank you for stopping by this review. I hope my thoughts were of some use!

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