Weed Tirement Review – Stocks Retirement Plan?

Weed Tirement stocks is a 401K style retirement plan. Let’s see what you get as part of this Weed Tirement review!

As part of this review of Weed Tirement by James Altucher we will look at the free bonus package you get when you become a member, as well as exactly how this investment retirement plan is supposed to work.

Weed Tirement does seem to be unique from other investment “newsletters” in that is is not simply stock picks, but appears to be an investment in itself.

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Weed Tirement Review

Weed Tirement is a 401K style investment program for the legalized weed stocks industry.

There are lots of other programs and newsletters out there focused around providing tips for weed stocks to invest in to try and capitalize from this current trend.

weed tirement

However, people have found this to be a bit hit and miss.

Whilst some stocks may do very well, most investors may find that the majority of their picks have not gained in value much and some may have lost quite a bit in the marketplace. It can be a bit like gambling.

Weed Tirement attempts to enable members to invest in weed stocks in a much more sustainable way.

So instead of investing in a number of different picks you are investing in 1 single secret company that pays out on a regular basis.

It is more like benefiting as a whole from the industry rather than gambling on individual stock picks here and there yourself.

Weed Tirement Bonuses

Weed Tirement bonus reports are offered to new members who sign-up.

This includes the following:

Weed-tirement: The Key to a Seven-Figure Pot Pension in the 21st Century – This is a free report detailing how the program works so you can decide whether it makes a good fit for you or not. It provides in-depth data and charts etc. so you can see how it could fit into a potential retirement plan, as well as tips on how to make the best use out of the program.

How To Cash In On The $15 Trillion Super Gadget: A Chance To Add As Much As $516,000 To Your Retirement This Year – This is another exciting free bonus for members, letting them know about the potential in a different industry. This is a little known gadget that could have a big role in powering driverless cars going forward, and he lets you know about the potential for investing in the company that manufactures it.

Bitcoin’s Final Bull Run: 3 Penny Cryptos Set to Explode 10,000% or More in the Coming Weeks – This Weed Tirement free bonus dives into the exciting world of cryptocurrency investing. With the potential for clarity in regulation and big hedge funds on Wall Street getting in on the action in the crypto space, James sees huge potential for bitcoin and a handful of select cryptocurrencies. Members of this subscription get to learn all about it in this additional free report.

Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth – This is a book that has been sold as a physical item on Amazon, and members get a free digital copy of this ebook about how to survive and thrive in the “new American economy”.

Weed Tirement Testimonials

As part of this Weed Tirement review, let’s talk about the testimonials section featured on the website.

These customer feedback segments are not specific to just Weed Tirement, but to the work and programs of James Altucher in general.

So you get a good feel for how impressed his clients and customers are after doing business with him.

What I like about these reviews is they are not hyped-up claims of instantly becoming a millionaire overnight, but report some realistic stock pick gains as well as reports of how their life in general has moved forward as a result of getting involved in one of his programs.

With feedback sections like this I do like it when they provide social media screenshots of posts or of the email the testimonial was sent in as well.

However, these feedback sections are manually typed out on the website in a green box. They do look real and believable though, and you can see that James is very much a real and well known person in the investment/publishing industry with the proof of media appearances and his track record that is displayed on the sales page for this subscription service.

Summary Of Weed Tirement Review

Weed Tirement stocks retirement plan by James Altucher looks like an innovative way to get involved in the weed investment trend with a 401K style investment program.

It looks like people are investing in 1 company that provides regular payouts so that they have the potential to gain from the overall growth of the industry as a whole as opposed to gambling on various individual stocks.

As with any programs like this there are never any guarantees of success and people should always only invest an amount that they would be OK with it going to zero.

Despite the risk of any investment, it does look like the creator of this program has a proven track record and a very strong reputation in the entrepreneurship and wealth generation field in general.

Plus, there are a number of exciting free bonus downloads that are available with a wealth of additional information on future market trends. So even if a new subscriber decides not to invest much into the company itself they should get good value from those reports alone.

Any how, I hope my thoughts on Weed Tirement was of help!

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