Website ATM Review – Is It A Scam?

Is Website ATM a Scam? Or a real $500/day system? We find out in this no-hype Website ATM review!

As part of this review of Website ATM (and scam analysis) we shall look at how the system works, whether it will work, and also look at the best way to get started making money in the home business industry.

Website ATM is an affiliate offer that lots of marketers will be mailing out for. But will the customers themselves make money with the Website ATM system or just those that are promoting it for their commissions?

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Website ATM

To start off this Website ATM review we will talk about how this program works.

It is about giving you a “done for you” website to try and make money with on the internet using a technique called affiliate marketing.

This is where you learn how to advertise your website to get daily visitors.

And then you get your visitors to click on your affiliate links to visit a sales page for a product. If they go onto make a purchase then you get a commission.

When it works, affiliate marketing provides a really good way to earn residual monthly income.

Your website can be generating traffic, clicks and sales on autopilot even when you are not doing work that day. That is because the content you have up there can generate visits from the search engines for as long as it remains online.

But is Website ATM the best way to get started with affiliate marketing? Or is it a scam to avoid?

Website ATM Scam?

Website ATM hypes up the website that you get from them in a very unrealistic way.

The sales page talks about how you can make $500 per day just by activating the system for just $37.

There are some big income claims made on their website and some unbelievable looking “customer” testimonials.

With any online business you need to take consistent action to advertise your website in order to generate daily traffic before you start to even think about making sales.

So nothing is magically going to be already making money right out of the box.

It just does not work like that.

That is not to say there is a Website ATM scam, because they may well give you some education of value and a website template to get started with.

It is the unrealistic expectations that new users with come in with that is likely to cause some to think it is a scam if they are not instantly making $500 per day like the video talks about.

Website ATM “Done For You” System

Website ATM claims to have a “done for you” website that you can start using to make money.

There are 2 types of done for you website:

  1. A Done-For-You Sales Funnel
  2. A Cookie Cutter WordPress Blog with Pre-Loaded Content

A done for you sales funnel is great, because then you just have to learn how to drive traffic to the front end of the system and it will do the work to convert those visitors into sales.

In my experience working from home as a digital marketer, it is the simple task of sending traffic into a sales funnel system that I have found to be the most effective strategy to get consistent results.

However, a cookie cutter website with pre-loaded content is not the best idea.

That is because you are not going to be able to rank the website in the search engines due to duplicate content, since other users of the program will all have the same content uploaded to them.

You need to be post your own unique content to your site on a consistent basis in order to start getting visitors.

Are The Testimonials Real?

Website ATM has a number of testimonials embedded into the sales video. But are these from real customers or paid actors?

The reviews do not look particularly believable and it looks like they could be paid actors reading from a script.

There are also some big income claims made as part of these customer testimonials.

That is not to say that there are not some people getting good results with the system. And they could have hired actors to read real user feedback from the emails they sent in to hide their privacy.

But I am never keen on the programs that make huge income claims, have unrealistic testimonials, and make it sound like you can make a ton of money simply by clicking a few buttons.

Summary Of Website ATM Review

In summary of this review of Website ATM, it is hard to tell if it is a scam because if they give you some training of value and a website template to help get you started in your online marketing journey then it may well be worth the $37 for some people.

But many users are likely to be disappointed when they discover that their website is not magically going to be making $500 per day just by buying the website and that they will actually have to learn some online marketing strategies and put in a good bit of effort to effectively advertise their business.

The affiliate marketing industry itself is well worth learning about. When you are able to generate daily visitors to you website for free then you can get a nice residual income coming in.

The content you post today will remain up for years to come and will have the potential to keep on getting visitors, clicks and sales just by leaving it up there.

But there is an initial learning curve to overcome, and it will take consistent action taking in order to build up some momentum.

In any case, thank you for taking a look at this review of the Website ATM system.

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