Wealth Project Review – $17,520 in 1 Week SCAM?

Wealth Project Review – hey, does this Clickbank system really make money to the tune of $17,520 in 1 week or is it just a scam?

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wealth project

Wealth Project Review

Wealth Project .Net is a new Clickbank system launch. This review will see if you can really make money online with this program or if it is just the usually hyped-up nonsense that does not work.

Well, the income claims made on the sales page and video presentation do seem very hypey indeed! The title reads “You Could Earn Up To $17,520 In Your First Week Starting TODAY In Under 30 Minutes & 21 Clicks…” And they make other big money claims within the video itself talking about testimonials from users who have got big results with their system.

Is it realistic for the typical beginner to the online world to make that kind of money though? The answer is No!

It does not mean it is a 100% scam, but the typical newbie is not going to make anywhere near that kind of cash. It takes a good bit of learning, taking action, and making mistakes and improving as you go along before seeing success in this industry. With online business it is not the sort of thing where you can download some magic software and click a few buttons and you are magically a millionaire!

Wealth Project Scam

In this Wealth Project review it is not 100% certain that this is a scam just become they focus on the testimonials of users getting huge results. Rather, they have cherry picked a few success stories to make it seem like anyone can make that kind of money when in reality most people won’t get anywhere near those levels.

There is likely to be some training and tools of value when you download the wealthproject.net software via Clickbank. So for someone brand new to this online business world, they are likely to learn something and pick up some useful tips and tricks along the way. That will be something gained compared to if they were just trying to research everything themselves.

So what is the actual method used to make money online with this? They keep it very vague and that is probably deliberate because they want people to buy this system just to find out what the secret is.

It is likely that the method used is affiliate marketing. Either by promoting products on Amazon or Clickbank in return for commissions when someone buys after clicking on your link. This is a fun and flexible way to make money and many people to this as a full-time source of income by working at home.

The aim is to build a website (they usually give you some sort of template or tools for this in these launches) that includes product descriptions for items on the Amazon (or Ebay, Clickbank etc.) marketplace. Then you work at doing internet marketing to get traffic to that website. Any visitor that lands on your site and then clicks through to the sales page of the product and makes a purchase will get credited to you as the affiliate.

This method is real. but it is not as quick and easy to do as this sales page tries to indicate.

Anyhow, thank you for stopping by this review of Wealth Project.

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