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Videyo Review


Videyo Review – Create and Sell Videos?

Videyo software creates and sells professional marketing videos in minutes. Custom free bonus download revealed in my Videyo Review!

Before we get started in this review of Videyo I will point you towards a custom free bonus I have put together if you buy this product via my link and take advantage of their new-launch software discount.

Scroll down to see my Videyo bonus. It is my step-by-step strategies for ranking numerous pages up on the front page of Google quickly, and will really help you get more exposure to you and your clients videos.

I work from home as a full-time internet marketer so hopefully my thoughts on this video marketing software download will help you get a better idea of whether this is for you or not.

Official Website: (Click For New-Launch Discount & Custom Bonuses)

Videyo Review – Software Overview

In my Videyo Review let’s kick things off by talking about the creator of this product as well as what it’s main selling point is.

Ryan Philips is the entrepreneur behind this launch. He is from the VideoSuite website and already has an impressive array of existing products for video marketers and local SEO service providers.

His other products include AdReel, Interactr, and Local Video Academy. It will be exciting to see how his latest creation fits in with this product suite.

Videyo can be best described as a tool that let’s anyone (even those without any technical or graphical design skills) to create professional marketing videos with just a few minutes.

The unique aspect of this software that sets it apart from the rest is that it also has a built in mechanism to help you sell these videos to clients.

You can use the system to create lead generation & sales pages for your creations. You can watermark a video that you create and then process the transaction of the client buying the content from you within the Videyo system itself. Then the watermark is removed and the client can download the full content to use for their business.

Videyo Features

Videyo software has 2 key selling points: 1) create professional videos in minutes and 2) the mechanism to sell these videos to clients directly within the same platform.

The video creator software lets you chose from a range of professional templates to easily and quickly create marketing videos within moments.

The types of video include: 3D Animations, Whiteboard Handwriting Animation Videos, 2D Animated, Slideshow Videos, Commercial, and Typography where attention grabbing, animated text appears on the screen to explain your concepts.

They have built in backgrounds designs and photography to chose from within these templates for a variety of different niches/industries.

And whilst there may be other video editing software out there that can also create these same sort of videos, it is the ability to sell videos using “done for you” Videyo sales pages that is it’s unique selling point.

You are able to build a prospect lead generation page which contains a sample video that you created for a client, and perhaps cold emailed in this sample to a range of potential customers within the same niche.

The video is watermarked and business owners are invited to enter in their email address (thus a generated local SEO / video production lead) and complete a checkout process to request changes and customization’s and then to buy the content from you. Upon completition of the payment, the software will automatically remove the watermark and make the video available to the client for download.

Videyo OTO and Upsells

Now let us do a quick overview of the Videyo sales funnel with the various price points and OTO / Upsell offers.

Front End Product: Videyo Software. This is the software service that is accessed via their online members area login. You can created professional marketing videos using their built in templates and also sell the videos using their lead generation and sales processes. The cost is $47 to $67 depending on the license type.

Videyo OTO #1 – Club. This is an additional subscription service that costs $37/month.

Videyo Upsell (OTO) #2 – Agency.

Videyo Upsell (OTO) #3 – Local Video Bootcamp.

Videyo Bonus

My Videyo bonus offer is custom made and details my exact strategy to rank multiple pages of content on the front pages of Google for certain keywords.

For certain low competition keywords (new topics, local SEO keywords etc.) this can lead to totally dominating the listings for certain phrases.

These bonus instructions are going to be extremely powerful to help you rank your newly created videos in the search engines to get more traffic, leads and sales with them. Create for promoting products and your SEO clients.

This additional free bonus is automatically added to your order for download via the bonus section if you chose to make the purchase via my link on this page.

This is not just some PLR products or Resell Rights offers I have downloaded to give away. This has been custom produced by myself to let you know exactly what I do to achieve high rankings in the search engines.

I work from home as a full-time internet marketer doing this. And I lay it all out exactly for you!

Here are the PDF Documents I will give you:

My Custom Videyo Bonus #1 – Piggy Back Technique. I give you my list of high authority, 3rd party websites that rank really well in the search engines. They let you publish your content to them and for certain keywords you can rank these pages on the front page without any additional backlinks.

Custom Bonus #2 – Authority Website Fast Track. Websites that rank really well in the search engines are not ones with the best backlinks, but with perceived high authority. I explain my step-by-step process for identifying existing websites/domain names that you can cheaply purchase and start using as your own authority website right away.

Custom Bonus #3 – My YouTube Strategy. I get good traffic and sales from my YouTube videos. This is a bullet point of the steps I take when publishing and ranking a new video. I go over my on-page and off-page SEO checklist.

My Free Videyo Bonus #4 – Blog Post Promotion. This is the exact steps I go through to publish, promote and rank blog posts on my own website. It is obviously working since you are here reading my content! I show you how to get other people to find your websites and promotions as well.

Summary Of Videyo Review

In summary of this Videyo Review, it looks like a really cool video creation software with the built in functionality of being able to watermark the videos and sell them on the platform itself, with automated watermark removal after client purchase.

There are a wide range of templates to enable you to easily and quickly crank out a ton of professional video content to use either in your own promotions or to sell to clients.

Another cool idea is to rank these videos on multiple platforms for local SEO keywords and then approach potential clients AFTER all those rankings so you already have proof that what you are doing works.

Be sure to claim my custom Videyo bonus. It let’s you know everything I do in order to rank multiple pages on Google for lots of highly targeted keyword traffic. I think you will love my Piggy Back Method and Authority Website Hack!

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