The Great Heist Review | Club Heist Scam?

The Great Heist messenger marketing software app (aka Club Heist) has just been launched on Clickbank. Is it legit or a The Great Heist scam?

There are likely to be lots of people promoting The Great Heist blueprint / Club Heist so hopefully this quick review will help you out as you conduct your research and due diligence.

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I see a lot of these type of software apps and programs come and go so have a pretty good eye for what is worth giving a go and what is worth giving a miss.

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The Great Heist Review

As part of this The Great Heist Review we shall start by talking about the strategy being used in this system: messenger marketing.

It is a clever mix between affiliate marketing and the messenger marketing services on social media platforms such as WeChat, Facebook and WhatsApp.

It is about generating leads and prospects via these messenger services and then directing them to a recommended product via your affiliate link.

If the person makes a purchase after your recommendation then you make a sale.

Affiliate marketing is a really cool and flexible way to run an online business.

It provides excellent time freedom.

And The Great Heist blueprint is about teaching you how to leverage new social platforms and technology to go about your affiliate promotions.

But is this particular product the best way to go about learning this method or is it just a lot of hype?

The Great Heist Scam or Legit?

The Great Heist may not be a scam, because for the $9 price point you are bound to pick up some useful techniques to get you started in this new and innovative marketing approach.

So if you learn at least one useful method then that will make the $9 payment worth it and thus not a Club Heist scam.

Lot’s of these Clickbank launches are just $9 nowadays.

That is because it gets more people through their sales funnel and thus more people taking up their higher priced upsells.

So I guess the “catch” is that you are likely to be presented with an upgrade offer for around $197 or so for a Club Heist software app download or more advanced training that is needed to really make this method work.

They are unlikely to give away all the goodies for just $9!

The Great Heist Blueprint Testimonials

The Great Heist blueprint testimonial image on the website claims they have had lots of 5 star reviews already come in, but you can not click through to see the platform that these Club Heist reviews were made on to verify them.

For a new product launch it is unlikely that there will be so many people already making so much money with it.

It takes time to go through all the training and put it into action. And then consistency and tweaks to the promotional methods need to be made over time until momentum starts to pick up.

It is unlikely to be the sort of thing where you can just click a few buttons and rake in all the cash by downloading a software app or going though some $9 training.

The Great Heist Secret Chinese Programmer?

The Great Heist (Club Heist) messenger marketing software sales page talks about some kind of genius Chinese programmer who has come up with a secret method to rake in a bunch of cash from social media messaging platforms.

And that is the basis for the Clickbank Club Heist software system and The Great Heist Blueprint.

If they had uncovered a secret method to siphon thousands per day from social media, why would they give it away for just $9?

I always get the impression those kind of stories are used to build up hype, buzz and excitement around a product launch to get as many people to buy as possible.

But in reality it is more basic hard work and consistently applying an internet marketing strategy, learning and improving as you go along, that will generate results in the online business world.

Club Heist Review Summary – The Great Heist Scam?

In summary of this review of The Great Heist blueprint / Club Heist software for messenger marketing, I think that if you learn something about using social media platforms to get more traffic, leads and sales for your online business then it will be worth the $9 entry point.

I would be more suspicious of expensive upsells that may be presented in order to make the initial product “work” or some expensive software app download that is needed to make the most of it.

Upsells as part of a sales funnel are great and really do help increase your earnings per click and average customer value. But it is important that the upsell compliments the first front end product and is not something needed to actually make it work in the first place.

In terms of whether The Great Heist system works, some people will probably get some results whilst many will not.

With these type of systems and software app downloads, it is about taking massive action on the techniques you learn.

At first the promotions you do may not work, but with consistency you will find what does work and then scrap the rest of what you were doing to really focus in on what is generating the results.

It can take an initial trial/error period to find what works for you, but is worth battling through the early stages and let the momentum build over time.

And that is my advice to people in the online biz world.

To enjoy the process and not worry about sales at first.

Just keep the marketing going on a daily basis and make it a fun game to increase the daily clicks and leads you can generate. When a good 30+ clicks per day come in with your promotions then that is the stage when conversions should hopefully start to take place.

Thanks again for checking out this Club Heist / The Great Heist Review.

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