Super Affiliate Academy Review – Legit Marketing System?

Super Affiliate Academy Review – is this a legitimate marketing system that really makes money or just more hype? Let’s take a look.

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super affiliate academy

Super Affiliate Academy Review

Super Affiliate Academy is an internet marketing training package. In this review we will look at what the products involve and whether you can expect to make money online with these type of strategies or not.

A good initial sign is that this does not look to be like an MLM business opportunity where the focus is just reselling the products you just purchased as the main way to make money. This does appear to be a product focused offer in that there is value in the products themselves and that you will be applying the techniques to promoting affiliate programs outside of just this same website at the SAA domain.

The sales video presentation is also not that hypey with huge income claims. Instead it is focused on explaining the value of the educational modules to you rather than any business opportunity attached to it.

It is not clear whether there is an affiliate program that you can join to promote this website itself. Perhaps members can do that inside the members area and get a funnel to do that as well. Either way, the focus is on what you get with the product and not just recruiting others into the same system which is refreshing to see.

Super Affiliate Academy – What’s Inside?

In this Super Affiliate Academy review we can reveal that they give you training on how to generate traffic on the internet and divert those website visitors to affiliate programs of your choice, where you earn commissions if they go onto buy a product via your link.

Bing PPC ads  is one of the main traffic generation strategies that they teach you. That is where you pay per click for web visitors from the Bing/Yahoo search engines by placing advertisements that appear when certain keywords are searched for.

One cool bonus of becoming a member of SAA at is that they get you approval to their #1 CPA Network which has a number of top offers you can promote.

People will also want to know if they can make money with this training. The answer is most probably yes, but it is unlikely to be quick and easy for the typical beginner. Online marketing takes a while to get the hang of and there can be a steep learning curve for complete newbies. But if you take your time to go through all the training and then take massive, consistent action on what you have learnt then you have a good chance of getting results.

Either way, it looks like you will learn some valuable internet marketing skills with these products that will help you promote any product or business opportunity that you wish. It is not focused on sponsoring people into the same system by the looks of it which is always good to see.

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