Review – Real $1,595 Per Day?

Hiya, this review will see if you can really make money with this new Clickbank software launch. Or just more of the hype?

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Smart Cash App Review

In this Smart Cash App review people will be wanting to know exactly how this system works and if they can really make money with it or if there is a scam happening here.

Not sure if it is a scam as they are likely to give you training and tools that can be applied in the online business world, but the typical beginner is certainly not going to be able to reach the $1,595 per day income claim that the official website says.

Those big numbers are going to be from the person who created the system in the first place (likely a very experienced and successful online entrepreneur) or one or two of their top users. The typical person brand new to the online marketing world is gong to take many years of work and trial/error to get anywhere near those levels.

The reason they make hypey claims on the sales page is to motivate and excite visitors to entice them to join right away. That results in higher earnings for the affiliate marketers promoting the system and thus more people will want to promote it and they will make more sales.

SmartCashApp.Net Scam?

A SmartCashApp.Net scam may not be in place just because they have a hyped up sales page. As this Clickbank software may well help users to make money with their new online business and provide training to help as well.

This is also mentioned in our review of AZ Sniper where whilst being sceptical about the claims still accepted that ecom marketing is still a good way to start a business and that the training may help and not necessarily a scam.

They don’t actually make it clear what strategies are going to be used when you get access to the Clickbank Smart Cash App software in 2018 and 2019. They keep it vague deliberately to spark intrigue and make people want to buy the system just to finally discover what the secret is.

That intrigue in turn will result in higher visitor to sales conversions and thus make the system creators and their affiliates more money.

It is likely that the method used is going to be either affiliate marketing or ecommerce marketing on Amazon/Ebay, or a combination of the 2. Ecommerce marketing is popular with these launches nowadays as they can teach beginners to leverage the existing popularity of these big platforms to kick start their online business without having to generate their own leads.

And affiliate marketing is a popular way to work from home as it enables people to make money by promoting other peoples products for commissions and does not require all the hands on sales and customer support process of a vendor.

In summary, there may be training and tools of value hear but that $1,500/day figure is going to be out of reach for most people.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Smart Cash App review.

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