Smart Profit App Review – Surely Not $13K Per Week?

We dive into a Smart Profit App Review – is it legitimate software on ClickBetter or a Scam?

Smart Profit App Review

Smart Profit App Review – An Introduction

Smart Profit App is software just launched on the ClickBetter platform. Let’s get the lowdown in this Smart Profit App Review!

In this review of Smart Profit App we will look at the tactics used on the sales page, whether it works, and if there are scammy red flags to look out for.

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Smart Profit App Review – What Is It Exactly?

In this Smart Profit App Review we can reveal it is a make money online system that teaches you affiliate marketing.

Smart Profit App is however very vague on the sales page that this is what they are all about.

With many of these new ClickBetter launches, the vendor likes to keep the strategy vague on the sales page. That is because they don’t want to give away the secret for free.

They want visitors to pay to become a paying customer in order to find out what the method is on the inside.

It is that secrecy and intrigue that often boosts sales conversions.

However, because the customer is going into the system blind they may not like the strategy used once they have purchased the product. As a result, they may quit right away as it does not match the impression they had built up in their mind.

Affiliate marketing is most definitely a great industry to learn about, but hyped-up product launches like this may not be the best way to get started.

Smart Profit App – Sales Page Tactics

As already mentioned, the Smart Profit App download page does not give much away about how the system works.

That is a deliberate sales tactic as it encourages people to buy just to find out what the “secret” is.

It would be better to outline the exact method they will be teaching you and also give a brief software demo in the video. That would give people a better expectation of what they will receive on the inside. However, it may minimize buzz and excitement and thus lower sales conversions for the vendor.

Also, when you go to click the “add to cart” button there is a bit of text saying that retail price is recommended at $97, but they will let you have it at a discount for just $37.

Most of these make money online product launches are either $37 or $47 so I would be surprised if Smart Profit App will ever be sold at the higher price of $97. So that could be an extra bit of hype just to try and close the sale but offering a perceived discount.

And then there is the standard sales video presentation YouTube video embedded below a hypey headline claiming how their system can make up to $13k Per Week!

I highly doubt customers who are new to the affiliate marketing industry are going to be able to make that much with any system out there. That is because it takes a bit of time and effort to learn the ropes and build up a bit of momentum.

Sure, the experienced entrepreneur who created the product may well have a big email list and be earning that kind of money. But it is unlikely the typical newbie can replicate that success right away.

The sales presentation also does not let you know who is behind the launch of this offer and their credentials, so a bit more transparency there would be good.

At least there are no fake scarcity countdown timers or fake testimonials from paid actors like lots of other launches in this niche seem to do.

Smart Profit App Scam or Really Works?

Not saying that Smart Profits App is a scam.

Just because they use hype and secrecy in the sales video does not mean that there is not something of value on the inside after purchase.

With many of these programs you do actually get some training that teaches you the basics of how to start building your own websites and generating traffic to promote affiliate offers.

So some brand new people may feel they get enough education for their $37 payment.

But lots of these launches do tend to teach very basic and sometimes fairly outdated strategies. So someone who has been around a bit and purchased similar offers may not find much new with other newly launched systems with this type of sales page.

Affiliate marketing itself is well worth learning.

However, what gets results is not some magical software app where you just click a few buttons, but doing the basics well of producing good content, buying advertising, and testing and tweaking your results for steady long term growth.

Summary Of Smart Profit App Review

In summary of this Smart Profit App Review, it is another launch that teaches users how to make money online with affiliate marketing and supposedly has a software app to help you do so.

It is launched on the Clickbetter platform so lots of marketers are likely to be promoting it right now. They want you to buy from their link so they earn a commission. Nothing wrong with that, but it is still worth taking any recommendations for purchase with a pinch of salt and do more research.

If you are brand new then there might well be some useful education and marketing methods that will be a good learning experience.

But many people will see the hype on the sales page and expect to make lots of money very quickly simply by clicking a few buttons on this software app. But in reality it is going to take a bit of work and consistent action to get to the stage of seeing results start to come in and focusing in on the strategies that make the best fit for you.

Hopefully my review of Smart Profit App was of help.

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