Silk Road Effect Review – Secret $34K/Month?

Silk Road Effect is a new Clickbank ecommerce training product. Our Silk Road Effect review sees if it is a scam or legit.

Inside this review of Silk Road Effect we look at the sales page structure, income claims, and the strategy used to make money with the training system.

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Silk Road Effect Review

Silk Road Effect is the latest Clickbank product launch to provide training on the ecommerce and dropshipping business model. It is not clear who is behind this launch, so does that mean there is a Silk Road Effect scam?

Not necessarily a scam, but they could do with being more transparent about who the system creator is and exactly what the strategy used to generate an income is.

They have used an anonymous pen name type voice over artist to read from a script for the sales video presentation.

Other programs such as CB Wealth and Private Cash Sites have also used that same approach.

They are also pretty vague at exactly what the strategy is for making money.

That vagueness is likely to be a deliberate tactic to get people to buy their product in order to discover the secret and how their method makes money!

Silk Road Effect Business Model

Silk Road Effect uses ecommerce marketing and drop shipping type approaches to making money with an online business.

It was not clear at first, but they did eventually start making references to this type of business model towards the end of the video.

The whole strategy being taught by Silk Road Effect is to buy ultra low cost products from China and then to resell them to a 1st world country at a much higher price and then bank the difference as profit.

This is a legitimate business model and is used by many of the top brands and sellers on ecommerce platforms today.

It just may not be raking in 30K/Month for beginners who have never run an online business before!

Silk Road Effect Testimonials

No testimonials are displayed on the Silk Road Effect sales page.

Does that mean that is a scam?

No, as it is a brand new product so they are not yet going to have proof of results from members who have gone through the training.

That is actually a refreshing change from many of the systems out there that instantly have lots of reviews saying how their members are becoming millionaires on the 1st day the product is launched!

So no testimonial is much better than fake ones as far as I am concerned.

Silk Road Effect Ecommerce and Dropshipping

As part of this review of Silk Road Effect I just want to touch upon the ecommerce marketing and dropshipping business models.

The advantage of selling on ecom websites such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify etc is that there is trust and authority already built into those platforms.

That can increase the sales conversions.

silk road effect scam

There is always in built traffic and a big audience associated with those companies which takes off the pressure from you at having to go out there and do your own marketing.

So it is all about doing research and finding cheap products to buy and resell at a higher price.

Infact, you can even sell the product first and then only have to buy it with a portion of the cash you just got from the customer and then you make a profit in the difference.

You don’t even have to handle the product yourself as you can pay a dropshipping company to send it directly to the customer from their own warehouse.

It could get a bit tricky when dealing with refund and return requests though.

Affiliate marketing digital products is less of a headache I find, as you don’t have to directly deal with customers and physical product shipping.

Plus the commissions for products that are downloaded are often higher because of the lack of overhead and posting/packaging costs.

Silk Road Effect – Does It Work?

Silk Road Effect will probably make some people money, whilst others will make zero.

The main difference between success and failure with these type of programs, however, is more down to the unrealistic income claims made as part of the sales page.

If customers are going into the program expecting to quickly make 30K/Month then they will be disappointed when they realise it is a bit harder than first imagined and they may quit as a result.

But someone going into it not expecting much will be more prepared to take their time to consume the material and then take consistent action on what they have learnt for the coming months.

It is the consistent application of the training that will get results, no matter what the program is.

Silk Road Effect Review Summary

In summary of this review of Silk Road Effect, it looks like a unique way to making money at home by buying cheap products and then reselling at a higher price and taking the difference in profit.

Listing products on ecommerce platforms means you benefit form their traffic and existing audience, which can make it easier to make sales.

However, the process is not going to be as quick and easy as the sales page claims. And profit margins with selling physical products is not always that much.

As opposed to this type of ecom marketing business model covered with Silk Road Effect, I prefer to do affiliate marketing where you are promoting digital products that are instantly downloaded and thus they pay out higher commissions due to the lack of overhead.

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