Rothstein Gold Vault Review – £10 to 50K Scam?

Our review of Rothstein Gold Vault sees if this really turns £10 into 50K or if it is a Rothstein Gold Vault Scam?

You may have received an email about Rothstein Gold Vault as it is a new Clickbank launch in the “betting systems” section so lots of affiliates are probably mailing out about it trying to get you to buy via their link.

We have a good numbers of years experience in watching these type of products come and go in the marketplace.

Therefore we thought our readers would benefit from our honest opinions on this system to help them as they go about their own research and due diligence.

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rothstein gold vault

Rothstein Gold Vault Review

Rothstein Gold Vault a horse tips service and overall betting guide that has been launched via the Clickbank platform.

Clickbank is a platform that specialises in selling digital products in the form of downloads and online membership areas.

They also have a built in affiliate program so lots of people are going to be promoting this offer via email marketing and other forms, trying to get people to buy via their link for the commission.

There are a lot of these type of systems being launched nowadays. There seems to be at least one or two a week coming out.

So it can be really hard to tell which are legitimate and which are scams.

Hopefully our thoughts on this page will help.

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Rothstein Gold Vault Clickbank Package

As part of this Rothstein Gold Vault review, let us see what you get with this purchase.

It seems to be more than just a betting system which is interesting to see.

Usually with these horse racing systems you are simply signing up to receive daily tips on bets to place for the day.

But this product has accompanying training guides so it looks like a complete package they have put together.

There are also staking plans, record keeping database files, bankroll management education, as well as the usual tipster service and “bonus bets” added into the mix.

This at least makes it stand out a bit from other recent launches which just provide daily email tips and no additional training so you can learn their system and how to go about coming up with picks yourself going forward.

Is Rothstein Gold Vault a Scam?

Rothstein Gold Vault may not be a scam as there does seem to be a nice package of both tips and training material that they have put together here.

So you should at least get some value for your money and learn a trick or two.

However, the way this product is presented in the sales page is very hyped-up and makes it sound like their members are easily going to be raking in the cash, which is unlikely to be the case.

It is hard to tell whether the guy behind the product is a real person or just a pen name and fictional story that they have come up with to make things sound exciting.

rothstein gold vault testimonialsI would be sceptical about that big mansion and luxury cars being featured on the sales page having actually come from a real person who has earned all that from just doing horse racing betting.

Even if it is a true story and real income proof, the typical member is unlikely to be able to replicate those results and will thus think they whole thing is a scam and quit when they do not do the same.

Do Rothstein Gold Vault Really Work?

Rothstein Gold Vault betting tips and system may well work for some members, but most users of these type of systems are likely to not get any significant results.

That is not because the system in question is a scam as it could be down to bad bankroll management on part of the punter.

Two different people could get the exact same tips, but one will make money and one will lose money.

The person who did well will use consistent low stakes for all bets. But the 2nd person will up the stakes after a loss to try and recover it as quickly as possible.

Therefore any small losing streak could wipe out the entire bank of person 2, but person 1 will stay consistent and keep chipping out those wins and thus come out on top.

It is hard to tell how people will get along with this particular program, but it would be unlikely they will be making the big cash as easily and quickly as the sales page tries to indicate.

Rothstein Gold Vault Review Summary

Rothstein Gold Vault looks like an interesting horse racing betting system in that it is a complete package. Included are not only tips, but also training material on systems, staking plans, money management, record keeping and more.

The story of the luxury lifestyle of the owner of the system seems a bit outlandish though.

Even if this guy is doing that well with the system himself, it is unlikely that the typical newcomer is going to be able to replicate those results.

Some people may well get results with this, although in most cases people do not. And that is often due to poor bankroll management just as much as the quality of the picks.

You are also going via the Clickbank platform for the purchase so consumers though they at least in safe hands with them.

Whilst Clickbank do not review and endorse each product on their platform, they are a reliable company who have been in this industry for 15 years now. There is also protection with their secure checkout mechanism, customer support and product guarantee.

In any case, I hope you got some useful information from this review of Rothstein Gold Vault.

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