Rockminer Cloud Mining Review – Crypto Scam?

Rockminer Cloud Mining provides cryptocurrency mining services and hardware. Is there a Rockminer Cloud Mining scam?

As part of this review of Rockminer Cloud Mining we will see what the various service options are, how the money is actually made, and whether it looks like a legitimate company or just another crypto scam.

You might have got an email or seen a YouTube video about the offer provided at Rockminer Cloud Mining. That is because they have an affiliate program where people can earn commissions by referring other people to the service.

There is also risk associated with remote crypto mining as you are handing over your money for them to do the work.

So learning how to generate your own consistent income with affiliate marketing may well provide the typical person more opportunity to have the extra cash they need simply to directly invest in coins themselves without the 3rd party risk.

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Rockminer Cloud Mining

In this Rockminer Cloud Mining review we can reveal that this is a company based in China that has a number mining, hardware, and hosting options for customers to take advantage of.

Mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be quite expensive nowadays due to the mining equipment required and cost of electricity production.

As a result there is a high barrier to entry for new people wanting to get into the industry.

And that is what they try to solve with Rockminer Cloud Mining. Instead of having to run the hardware yourself at home, you can hire the company to remotely setup the equipment at their location on your behalf and to send customers the mining rewards.

The user just needs to pay for the electricity costs and hardware maintenance.

Rockminer Cloud Mining Scam?

No obvious Rockminer Cloud Mining scam by looking at the company website. But it is important to highlight that it can be hard to fully tell what is happening with your money with these type of operations.

Is the payment really going on hardware and mining equipment or is it used to pay other participants of the program?

With the partnerships that the company has with other well known companies in the cryptoccurency space it does appear to add a bit of legitimacy. But more research and due diligence is going to be needed before jumping in.

And it would be good to have more information on the key business owners and staff members for this company on the website. The About Us section is quite vague.

They do have some Rockminer testimonials from other people in the industry. This includes a feedback review snippet and a photograph so it is at least a positive sign that they seem to have some happy customers to report back to them. Obviously they are going to hand pick the people happiest with the service to display on the website though.

Rockminer Cloud Mining Review Summary

In summary of this review of Rockminer Cloud Mining, it does look like an interesting opportunity to get involved with cryptocurrency mining without needing to get hold of expensive equipment yourself and learn all the technical aspects of it.

So not sure it is a scam, but with these sort of things it is always hard to tell where your money is going.

Could you even make more money with less risk simply by purchasing cryptocurrency directly from an exchange and storing it in a wallet and waiting for the market to move in your favor?

It does need a good bit of trust and faith for the company to look after your investment and do what they say they are doing in terms of equipment set up etc.

Will be interesting to see how things progress with Rockminer Cloud Mining.

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