Push Button Manifestation Review – Unlimited Wealth & Health?

Hey, our review of Push Button Manifestation by Mark Doucet will see if unlimited health, wealth and happiness is likely with this program or not.

In this Push Button Manifestation review we will look at real customer testimonials, reveal how each of the audio tracks works, and take a look at the overall download package that Mark Doucet has put together.

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Push Button Manifestation Review

Push Button Manifestation by Mark Doucet is a new Clickbank product launch in the law of attraction / personal development marketplace on that platform. This review will take a look at how it all works.

push button manifestation

We are experienced in taking a look at these types of products and also recently reviewed Manifestation Magic and the 15 Minute Manifestation programs.

The main thing to highlight is that it is a very simple 3-step system to helping users manifest the life of their dreams without having to go though complicated textbook style theory or by doing lots of weird exercises each day.

It is just a matter of listening to the Push Button Manifestation MP3 audio track downloads on a daily basis and in the specific 3-step order.

It only takes a matter of minutes per day to do and since no “hard work” as such is needed it should be straightforward enough for most customers to stay on track with it.

The main thing needed would be an open mind and the willingness to stay consistent with the process in the coming weeks even if instant results are not noticeable.

Real Push Button Manifestation Customer Testimonials?

Are the Push Button Manifestation customers testimonials real that they have featured on the official website? And what do they tell us about this product?

There is no reason to suggest that they are fake reviews and they do provide a nice diverse set of opinions on the Push Button Manifestation program.

The feedback is given in a text box where they have typed out the customer testimonials and listed their name below it.

psuh button manifestation testimonials

This is a pretty standard method of displaying such reviews, however an even more transparent step would be to provide a screenshot of the actual email or social media post where the testimonial was initially made.

In any case, it is good to see that some members were not convinced that it would work for them, but after a few weeks of consistency they finally started noticing some positive change.

This is a far more realistic and believable testimonial compared to someone who said they become a millionaire the next day after listening to the MP3 audio download for the very first time!

Some other products we have looked at recently such as Ecom Cash Crusher used quite hyped-up customer income results which make it sound a bit less believable than a more down to earth achievement.

Push Button Manifestation MP3 Audio Tracks

As part of this Push Button Manifestation review, let us look at what each of the MP3 audio tracks actually consist of.

These audios make up the entire 3-step Push Button Manifestation program and are designed to be listened to in the correct order to get the most out of the system.

The audio files are created in such a way to enable the unconscious brain to tap into special sound frequencies and vibrations to make the mind more receptive to positive change, and to increase the likelihood that new abundant manifestations can come to life.

push button manifestation audio

Audio Track Step #1  – This is known as the “Calming Phase” and is all about removing stressful thoughts from your natural subconscious thinking process. This is about removing the impact of stress, anxiety and fear to help pave the wave for positive change in the next steps.

MP3 Audio Step #2 – This is the “Healing Phase” and is designed to remove negative blockages that have been building up deep in the unconscious mind over the ears.

Audio Track #3 – The final stage of the Push Button Manifestation program is the “Unlocking Phase” where gamma audio waves are used to supposedly unlock the mind’s full potential so that manifesting the desired change and future in life is finally able to take place with a more receptive way of thinking.

The Manifestation Website

One final thing to touch upon is the layout of the Push Button Manifestation website.

It is the standard sort of design for a Clickbank sales page in the law of attraction / personal development niche. But it might look a bit different to customers used to ecommerce stores with the likes of Amazon or Ebay. Digital products such as Funnel X ROI and Real Profits Online and Fearless Momma tend to use slightly different formats.

They have a catchy headline at the top, followed by the sales video presentation. This includes a voice over artist explaining how the program works and the benefits of the audio track design that they have created.

It is good to see that they have put references to scientific research papers at the bottom of the page to backup the claims made as part of the sales video and website text.

Then below the video they include a text based summary of the content in the presentation. And below that they have highlighted 3 real Push Button Manifestation customer reviews to show off.

These are going to be from the happiest users so obviously it does not guarantee that everyone will replicate the exact success. It is positive signs to see that type of feedback though.

And finally, they give a digital representation of the product download image along with the price tag of the current new-launch discount that they are running.

Push Button Manifestation Review Summary

In summary, Push Button Manifestation looks like a very exciting package put together by Mark Doucet.

The reviews featured on the official website seem both legitimate and also realistic. Not your usual sort of hyped-up outlandish claims that lots of digital products focus on nowadays.

push button manifestation download

It is also a good sign to see feedback from real customers who were not sure that it would work for them at first, but decided to go through the appropriate steps and stay consistent with it and finally noticed positive results.

Another final thing to point out is that this program is being sold on the Clickbank platform. This is good to see because customers are then protected by the secure checkout mechanism and the discreet purchase process. There is also the legitimate download link, customer support and product guarantee.

Clickbank has been in business for a good number of years now and has a strong track record of looking after customers. So you will be in safe hands with them that is for sure.

Thank you for going through our review of Push Button Manifestation.

To get your hands on the official download at the lowest possible price, be sure to visit the website below to take advantage of the current new-launch special offer that they are running.

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