Profit Point Autonomy Review – Is It A Scam?

Profit Point Autonomy is a new money making website. Does the system work or just a Profit Point Autonomy scam?

As part of this Profit Point Autonomy review we will look at the strategy that is used as part of this system at and whether it works or is just a scam to stay well away from!

Profit Autonomy testimonials will also be looked at to see if they are real or fake. Also, what tactics does the website use to try and get you to buy their product?

I work from home doing digital marketing for a living and I have seen product launches like this come and go over the years. So my opinions on this latest offer is based on my experience in this industry

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Profit Point Autonomy Review

Profit Point Autonomy can be found on the website.

profit point autonomy review

It is a new product launch in the “biz opp” marketplace and if you get lots of emails for these type of offers then you may well notice that it is structured in a very similar way to the Website ATM offer.

The reason why so many people are sending out emails for this is because they are affiliate marketers and want to earn their $70 CPA commissions when you buy this via their link.

I actually get the impression that most people who make money with the likes of Profit Point Autonomy system and Website ATM are the affiliates promoting it rather than the actual customers using it!

Having said that, affiliate marketing is a skill well worth learning about.

I do affiliate marketing and when it works it can provide for a nice flexible way to earn residual income by working at home.

But you do need to do your own research and due diligence before buying these type of programs since this kind of hype and big income claims is not the best way for the typical beginner to learn about this industry.

A more down to earth and realistic approach would work best and prevent beginners quitting too early.

Profit Point Autonomy Website Review – Affiliate Marketing

Now in our Profit Point Autonomy Review it is worth touching upon the fact that this is both an offer that affiliates will be promoting to earn commissions from you AND it is a system that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing yourself!

Affiliate marketing is where you build your own websites and then promote them on the internet with a variety of strategies including social media and email marketing, paid traffic, and free search engine optimization.

Profit Point Autonomy looks like it will provide some sort of website and training to get newbies started in the affiliate marketing industry.

And you are most likely going to learn how to promote Amazon affiliate products.

Although you could also use the same strategies for digital Clickbank marketing and dropshipping products with Shopify.

Whilst the actual strategy is legitimate, I don’t like the way they claim that you can click 1 button and make lots of money without any effort or skills!

It is not quite as easy as that in this business unfortunately!

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Profit Point Autonomy – Is It A Scam?

Not sure if it is a complete 100% Profit Point Autonomy Scam.

Because if they teach you some techniques you can used to generate internet traffic and then to send them over to affiliate offers then you may well feel you get your money’s worth for just the $47 entry price.

But with these $37 and $47 programs you are likely to have some quite expensive upsell products on the backend.

Many of these companies even hire phone sales people to act as your “business coach” but they are really trying to push high ticket products onto you costing $500+ and potentially into the thousands.

I don’t think it is a good idea to spend thousands of dollars on a system like Profit Point Autonomy if you are just getting started in the online business world.

It is better just to take your time to learn how everything works first and then go about doing your own website building and marketing to get better at it over time with trial and error.

Many people think that by spending thousands of dollars to get a company to create a website for you and generate traffic that you will instantly make your money back and then some, but that may not be the case at all and it is a big risk.

Unfortunately, a lot of these CPA offers are very hyped-filled sales videos with fake testimonials and outlandish income claims that the typical beginner to the industry is not going to be able to achieve.

Some offers do look legitimate, however, and these ones tend to come from companies who are transparent about whom the CEO is and what products/services they offer, provide income disclaimers, and the testimonials are from real customers.

Profit Point Autonomy might not be scam, but they are not very transparent in how the system works and the people who run the company.

Sales Tricks for Profit Point Autonomy

Profit Point Autonomy testimonials from “real customers” are one of the first hard-selling techniques that this website uses to try and get you to buy their product right away.

They reviews claim that the members are making thousands of dollars without any work or skills.

They say all they did was click a button and the system did it for them!

Whilst you may be able to get a “done for you” website up and running with just a few button clicks, actually making money with it is a whole different ball game.

You are going to need to learn how to effectively promote it online and take massive action to see which promotional strategies work best for you.

Also, they do not look like real customers to me.

I think they might well have hired freelancers from sites such as to read from a script and pretend they are making thousands of dollars with the system just by clicking a few buttons.

Many newbies are enticed by the sound of easy money without work, but it does sound far too be good to be true.

Also, the website claims there are “limited spaces available” in your region. I am not convinced by that and think it is fake scarcity. If you revisit the same website again the next day the “spaces available” countdown timer is reset and you can still get access.

Also, they claim they have a limited time discount for the offer that will expire. Yet if you visit again the next day it will be at the same price.

I am not keen when all these bells and whistles are used to try and sell a product in a hyped-up, high pressure sales pitch and thus makes me think that a program like this is not the best introduction to the affiliate marketing industry for someone just getting started.

Thanks for taking a look at my thoughts on Profit Point Autonomy.

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