My Home Cash Club Review – $47 Scam or Legit?

Review of My Home Cash Club sees if it is a legit $47 system and ecommerce website or a Scam?

If you are looking for a down to earth review of My Home Cash Club website then you are on the right page!

My Home Cash Club is an affiliate offer that lots of people are promoting right now. The business opportunity supposedly shows you how to generate an income with you own ecommerce store.

As we delve into this My Home Cash Club review we will talk more about the business model, as well as the hardselling tactics the website uses to encourage customers to make a purchase right away.

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My Home Cash Club Review

My Home Cash Club is doing the rounds on the affiliate networks, where marketers are able to earn around $65 for every $47 product unit that they sell.

These type of affiliate offers pay more than the initial product is worth because the vendor knows they can make more money by selling additional products to their same customers in the future.

It is because of this high upfront commission that causes lots of people to want to promote My Home Cash Club and that is likely to explain all the promotional emails you may have received for it.

But for the actual customer who wants to use the system themselves, they seem to be getting a “done for you” ecommerce website that can be used to promote products online.

So it is a bit like having your own Amazon store.

But instead of stocking the products yourself, you are taught how to fulfill the orders with a dropshipping company.

My Home Cash Club Business Model

In this review of My Home Cash Club, let us talk a bit more about the business model used in this offer as well as in other recent product launches including Website ATM and Affiliate Advisor Group.

Dropshipping is where you can sell physical products via your own ecommerce store, but without having to handle the stock yourself.

So you get to sell the items before you purchase them.

Once a sale has been made, you take part of your earnings to pay the dropshipping company to send the product directly to your customer.

Your profit is the difference between the amount you are paid and the amount you have to subtract in order to buy the product and fulfill the order.

Whilst this is a pretty cool business model, and one that many people are successfully using to run online businesses nowadays, I am skeptical that this is a good way for newbies to get started with a system such as My Home Cash Club.

There is much more to it that simply getting a “done for you” website created for you.

The actual profit is only going to be generated when you get lots of traffic (website visitors) on a daily basis.

This requires the ability to effectively and consistently advertise your site on the internet.

One of the main ecommerce advertising methods is search engine optimization (SEO) to try and rank your content in Google and Bing for free visitors searching for the type of items you are offering.

Another popular technique is paid advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook. When you have a campaign dialed in then there is the potential to “flip” your advertising spend into a consistent profit over and over again. But it takes skill and money spent in testing in order to find those winning campaigns.

These skills are well worth learning (and perhaps My Home Cash Club will help out with that), but it is not something that is going to generate $500/day right away without much work like the system website seems to say is the case.

Summary of My Home Cash Club  Review

To finish off this review of My Home Cash Club, it may not be a scam if you are provided with a high quality website template to use as a basis for creating an ecommerce store.

If there is good training to go alongside this, then customers may well feel they have got their $47 worth.

However, many people may quit and want a refund when they realize that this whole online business stuff is not as easy as clicking a few buttons like the sales video presentation said it would be.

There is a disconnect between what you are likely to find on the inside and the hyped-up claims made on the sales page.

And in addition to the unrealistic looking My Home Cash Club testimonials, there are a few hardselling tricks that I am not too keen on.

If you try and click away they claim to give you a 20% discount. And then when you do find your way onto the sales page they have a 5 minute timer that will remove another discount from $197 to $47 if you do not complete the purchase in time.

They also claim that there are limited spots remaining in your area.

All of this is used to try and pressure people to buy the product right away because more sales will increase the earnings per click (EPC) for the affiliates promoting it and want them to send even more customers to this website, thus making them more money!

But like many of programs in the business opportunity space I tend to think that the people making the most profits are going to be the affiliate marketers mailing their lists about it rather than the actual customers of these systems themselves!

Hopefully the thoughts on this new product launch were of help to you as you conduct your own research and due diligence.

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