Lotto Annihilator Review – Is Richard Lustig Legit?

Hi, our Lotto Annihilator review sees if the Richard Lustig system is legit or if there is a scam?

Our review of Lotto Annihilator looks at Richard Lustig himself, the sales page layout, as well as the system that customers will actually get access to.

First thing to point out is that there certainly does not appear to be a Lotto Annihilator scam. Richard Lustig is a real expert in the industry who has appeared on numerous different mainstream media channels offering his tips and advice.

So it is exciting to see him package his knowledge into this new system, sold via the Clickbank platform.

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Lotto Annihilator Review

Lotto Annihilator by Richard Lustig is the latest lottery system to hit the Clickbank marketplace. This review of Lotto Annihilator takes a closer look at exactly what you get with this package.

It is essentially Richard Lustig’s own mathematical algorithm that he uses to help pick his own lottery numbers. And that algorithm has been packaged into a software that is what you get with this product.

You don’t have to download anything onto your computer, you simply log-in to the members area and type in a few details to get the machine to give you a set of numbers.

Some of the input that it asks from you will be recent winning numbers of past lottery draws and your own past winners etc. All the input data is passed through the Lotto Annihilator algorithm to give you your numbers.

Does Lotto Annihilator Work?

As part of this Lotto Annihilator review, people are going to be asking “does it actually work?”.

There are certainly no guarantees of winning the lottery made as part of the sales page and that is because Lotto Annihilator is not  scam and therefore Richard Lustig does not want to give you unrealistic expectations.

If they made it sound as though every member would be raking in the cash then lots of customers would be disappointed and quit if they do not become a millionaire overnight!

Instead, it is a mathematical based way to help members select lottery numbers for long term and consistent use. It helps give people more of a direction and system to use when selecting their numbers.

Richard Lustig Scam or Legit?

Richard Lustig is not a scam as he has appeared on many mainstream media outlets and is a well known expert in his field.

He is also a real person and not just an anonymous pen name created to represent the product like many other product vendors choose to do.

So you know that you will be in safe hands with Richard Lustig has his software for picking lottery numbers.

He is also a past lottery winner and as taken his winnings in the past and reverse engineered his number selection process to come up with a mathematical algorithm. He is now letting customers make use out of the same algorithm to select their own numbers, which is great to see him giving back like this.

Lotto Annihilator Sales Page

The Lotto Annihilator sales page follows the same sort of formula as many Clickbank product launches, as well as digital products in general.

There is a sales video presentation following a slideshow that explains the Lotto Annihilator software to you and how it works. It also tells the story of Richard Lustig.

For people who don’t want to have to sit through the entire video, there is a button to click below the video that takes you to a text based sales letter

The text sales letter basically gives you the exact content from the video presentation, but in text format. This enables people to read through it at their own pace in order to take in all the information.

There are then testimonials provided as well as a range of photographs of the various Richard Lustig media appearances.

They also highlight the fact that they are going via the trusted Clickbank retailer to make the sale.

Real Lotto Annihilator Testimonials

On the sales page, real Lotto Annihilator testimonials are provided from his past students that have shown their winnings.

These reviews seem real as they are screenshots of emails, social media posts, and also signed copies of the winning tickets themselves.

It is obviously worth pointing out that these are not “typical” results, but rather some of his very luck student winners. Richard Lustig is certainly not trying to make out that most people that use his Lotto Annihilator system are going to be able to replicate that success.

But it is good to see a number of positive feedback snippets and evidence provided in a transparent way.

Lotto Annihilator Discount on Clickbank

The Lotto Annihilator download (along with any discount offers currently being run) is only available from the official website that uses the Clickbank platform as the payment processor.

Clickbank is a little bit like Ebay and Amazon, but they specialize in digital products that you download to your computer or access via an online members area.

You are also protected by their discreet, private, and secure checkout process along with product guarantee and customer support.

So you know you are in safe hands when you grab your copy of Lotto Annihilator via the Clickbank marketplace.

Anyhow, thanks for checking out this review!

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