Long Shot Sniper Review – Horse Racing Tips That Work?

Long Shot Sniper Review – do these horsing racing tips actually work at the LongShotSniper.com site? All is revealed here…

Product Name: Long Shot Sniper

Author Name: Charlie Kemp

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Long Shot Sniper Review

Long Shot Sniper horse betting system was developed by Charlie Kemp after years of delving into the statistics of horse races and making a profit from the bookies.  He discovered that is very hard to consistently make money with the horses if you are betting on the favourite all the time at very low odds. Because one or two big losses can lose a sizeable chunk of your bank.

Therefore Charlie Kemp found the sweet spot of odds between 7-1 and 33-1 and these make up the bulk of this system and membership site. Anything below this range is not giving you enough profit margin and anything above that is too unlikely to occur on a somewhat consistent basis.

Long Shot Sniper – Does It Work?

The main thing to be aware with using the Long Shot Sniper horse tips service is that most of the picks will not win. That is because long odds horses are being selected. But the great thing, is that you only need a certain percentage of the picks to win to be in very good shape.

You just have to get it in your head that the majority of your bets will lose, but the winners will more than make up for that.

Therefore it is essential to stay disciplined and use consistent stakes that is a small part of your overall bank size. Charlie Kemp recommends no more than 2% of your bank each time. It might be worth going even lower than that for the very outside odds horses.

In any case there is not much to lose by giving Long Shot Sniper a go.

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