Klippyo Review – Legit “Done For You” Videos?

Klippyo software (and free bonus content) creates professional videos in moments. Let’s dive into the features in this honest review!

As we delve into this review of Klippyo, we will look at the key features of this new “done for you” tool, the income potential, and what type of free bonuses and downloads are an offer.

There is going to be big hype and buzz surrounding this product launch, because it is one of the biggest video software tools being added to JVZoo this year.

So hopefully our down to earth, non-hyped up, opinions on this video creator software will help you see through all the noise.

Official Website: Klippyo.com (Click Here for New-Launch Special)

Klippyo Software

In this Klippyo review let us first look about who came up with this video marketing software.

It is by Joey Xoto and the same team of entrepreneurs who were behind the launch of Viddyoze, which was a huge success when it was launched via the JVZoo platform. It is now on Clickbank as well.

Viddyoze is an online tool that let’s users create professional 3D video animations to use in marketing videos. And now they have taken things to the next level with this new offering.

Klippyo can be best summed-up as a drag & drop video creator that let’s you produce professional videos in minutes without needing to create your own content.

You simply drag add drop from their existing content library of stock video footage and images onto the video timeline.

In addition to the free bonus stock footage/images from the Viddyoze library, you also get “done for you” templates, text graphics, emojis and other exciting effects that can be added to your production.

Klippyo Features

Here are the key features that have been integrated into the Klippyo software.

Software as a Service (SAAS) – There is no need to download Klippyo software to your computer as you login to their web based membership area and use the tool on the internet. They also have a mobile app which allows you to create the videos on your smartphone.

Introduction and Outro Clips – Many professional full-time content creators have a professional intro and outro clip that appears before and after their content. This helps with branding and gives their material that extra bit of punch. You can now do the same using this function without having to pay someone to do it for you.

Emojis – You can overlay interesting graphics onto your video content. This includes emoji images as well as quotes. Great for commentary style videos or when reviewing products and press releases etc.

Automatic Captions – The is a feature to automatically generate text based captions for your video. You can also upload your own .srt files.

Klippyo Bonus Content Library – You get free access to a huge library of stock footage that you can easily drag & drop into your video project. You can now create professional, Hollywood style videos without having to appear on the video yourself or to create our own content.

How To Make Money With Klippyo?

There are 2 main ways that spring to mind for how to make money with Kippyo: 1) get paid to create videos for clients and 2) upload your own videos to YouTube for more traffic and sales with affiliate marketing.

There are also going to be much more ideas out there as the possibilities really are endless.

It is going to come down to creativity and thinking outside of the box.

You can instantly setup your own business as a professional video creator using the Klippyo service. You can use the tool to first create some impressive demonstration videos to impress potential clients to get some business coming through the door.

Cold emailing local businesses in your geographical location and showing them links to your examples is likely to be a great method to build your client base.

And also to setup work as a freelancer on the internet to offer your services as a “gig” on those popular websites.

Previously only professional graphics experts with lots of technical skills could offer that kind of service to others, but now Klippyo gives that income ability to the masses.

Affiliate marketers are also going to love Klippyo because you can churn out lots of high quality video content and then upload in to YouTube.

For each video you can target a different keyword. The more videos you have out there online, targeting a wide range of different keywords, then the more targeted clicks you are going to get to your affiliate links.

This will give internet marketers instant access to a ton of content to upload and use for list building and lead generation purposes.

Klippyo Upsells and OTOs

Are there any Klippyo upsells or OTO (one time offer) items that are presented to you as part of the sales funnel?

Yes. So let’s quickly run through all the different products they have on offer.

The front end product is the license to use the Klippyo software. It is $77 for personal use and $97 to have the ability to also be able to sell your videos to clients as part of the studio license.

Upsell 1 is Klippyo Creators. This costs $47/month and is access to the Kreator Marketplace where you can sell your own videos and templates to other members. You can also make use out of animations, graphics, videos and templates that other creators upload there as well. So it is a community for Klippyo members to share and monetize their creations.

Klippyo Upsell 2 is the Masterclass and costs $197. This is where top YouTuber Derral Eves will provide high level education on how to use the software and also how to go about getting clients to sell your services to. This will include identifying the target market and strategies for approaching business owners and closing the sale.

Just to note that the OTOs/upsells are completely optional and are in no way needed to make the main product work or to profit with those videos. It simply provides an extra level of training and community for those really serious about diving head first into this business model.

Summary Of Klippyo Review

To sum up my review of Klippyo, this is an exciting new online video creator from the team behind the incredibly successful Viddyoze launch.

The main selling point is the ability to drag & drop “done for you” content from their library into your video project, thus create professional videos in a matter of minutes. All without having to film your own content and appear on camera or audio yourself.

Creative entrepreneurs will see big opportunities to make money with these videos by selling their services to local business clients, on freelance websites, and also for use in their own digital marketing promotions.

To claim your Klippyo new launch discount offer and all the free bonus items currently available, be sure to go via the official website below for legitimate and immediate access.

Go Here For Official Klippyo Website
(new-launch special)

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