Home Income Review – Millionaire System Scam?

Hi, in this review of Home Income Millionaire system we see if it pockets $1,000/day or is a HomeIncomeMillionaire.com scam?

As part of this blog post of my Home Income review I will look at the red flags that popped-up in my mind with the sales page.

I will also look at how the Home Income Millionaire system is likely to work (they do not give much away!) and also some of my own tips on the best way to get started in the online business world.

I have been doing digital marketing from home for 7 years now (is pretty cool!) so I hope my thoughts on this program will be of some help to you.

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Home Income Review

Home Income Millionaire is a system that seems to funnel customers into a high ticket online business opportunity.

As you click through to the checkout page after watching the presentation at HomeIncomeMillionaire.com, it simply says the product name is “Home Income”.

home income millionaire

That is very vague so you do not know the name of the particular company that is creating this product.

They are likely to have kept it vague like this so that they could swap out the backend business opportunity as they wish. Since the sales video is generic it could potentially be reused to promote lots of programs on the backend.

The type of business that these type of offers lead to often enable you to gain access to their product funnel and marketing tools as well as an education on how to do internet marketing and online lead generation.

The opportunity that customers join may well offer good value and have high quality products & services to both consume and promote as a business owner.

But the way the sales page is presented raises several red flags and gives people unrealistic expectations going into the company they will join, even if it does turn out that it is a legitimate one.

Home Income Millionaire Review – The Red Flags?

Home Income Millionaire uses quite a hard selling and hype filled video presentation to try and get you to buy their system.

I am not that keen on some of the tactics used on the sales page.

First of all they say that there are only 8 sports remaining. But in my experience those claims are just fake scarcity to try and pressurise people to make the purchase right away.

Then the add to card button says that there is a Home Income discount for the system.

Apparently the product was previously $497 and then reduced to $197 and finally to discounted to $97.

I am not convinced that they have previously sold this program for as high as $497 and feel this may well just be another marketing trick to close the sale there and then.

And then they try and make it sound super easy to generate $1,000 per day with their system. They give the impression that not much work is required to reach that level.

But the typical beginner to the home based business industry is not going to suddenly be generating that amount right away. It will take a good amount of marketing and lead generation training and action taking before momentum starts to build.

This is not to say that there is a really good business opportunity to get involved with on the backend. As you may well get a good coach, high quality training, and a profitable sales funnel to start promoting.

It is just that this particular website is a hard selling affiliate offer designed to refer that particular company as many new clients as possible.

Customer Testimonials For Home Income Millionaire – Are They Real?

Home Income Millionaire has a number of “customer” testimonial videos embedded into the sales video presentation.

But are these reviews from actual customers or are they just fake?

home income review

They look like paid actors to me.

I have spotted the same people pop up in multiple online business opportunity sales videos and I highly doubt they have joined them all and are making thousands of dollars in each one!

Perhaps the actual income claims are taken from real results from real members, but then they have used paid actors to be a representation of what some of their top performers are achieving.

But the actual people shown on the video do appear to be paid freelancers who are reading from a script.

This does not mean that Home Income is a scam as some people may well be getting excellent results.

It is just these income claims of a few top earners give the typical beginner the wrong impression about what is realistic to achieve.

Summary Of Home Income Review

In summary of my review of Home Income Millionaire, this system is an affiliate sales page to funnel new customers to some sort of unnamed online business opportunity that sells high ticket products.

So affiliate marketers will be promoting it for the upfront commissions on the initial $97 purchase.

And then on the backend there will be other home business entrepreneurs that will earn commissions if that initial customer goes on to buy some of the high ticket products that the company has further back in the sales funnel.

Focusing on a done-for-you online business opportunity sales funnel can be a great way to get started in this industry.

I found what worked for me when I started was to focus 100% on traffic and lead generation and just to try and get as many people to subscribe to my lead capture page as part of the system each day.

And then the marketing system takes care of the selling and telling and closing the sales for a range of products they have as part of the funnel.

But it does take a good bit of time and effort at first to learn how to do internet marketing and then to take massive action in a consistent way until you have a nice stream of daily leads coming in.

So the process of promoting done-for-you business opportunity sales funnels can be very profitable and rewarding, but I feel the hyped-up nature of this affiliate sales video will give newbies the wrong impression of what is reasonable to expect to achieve when first going into it.

Hopefully my thoughts on the Home Income System was of help to you!

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