Home Cashflow Shortcut Review – Scam or Legit?

Hey, here is my Home Cashflow Shortcut review.

Home Cashflow Shortcut is a new affiliate offer that many affiliates are promoting right now.

Perhaps you received an email about it yourself?

The reason why so many people are promoting it is because it is currently one of the top offers on the CPA affiliate networks and marketers are getting paid $80+ per $27 sale that they generate.

But with all the hype and buzz surrounding the Home Cashflow Shortcut system it can be hard to tell if it is a legit business opportunity or a scam to give a miss.

So hopefully my thoughts on this page will be of help to you!

I have looked at a lot of these business opportunity offers over the years so have a pretty good idea how things work.

Also, I generate a full-time income online with digital marketing so these thoughts are taken from my own experiences in list building and generating affiliate sales.

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Home Cashflow Shortcut Review

OK, let us make a start!

As part of my Home Cashflow Shortcut review I noticed that this is a sales page that leads into the Super Affiliate Network.

home cashflow shotcut review
Home Cashflow Shortcut Review

The reason it is called Home Cashflow Shortcut is to rebrand the Super Affiliate Network offer in order to make it look fresh and new.

That way people who have already seen lots of advertisements in the past for that particular business opportunity may well be more receptive to this new framing of the offer and thus may decide to finally give it a go even if they previously said no.

Home Cashflow Shortcut is going to be promoted by 2 different sets of people:

  1. CPA affiliate marketers who want their $80+ one-time commissions for selling the $27 Home Cashflow Shortcut product
  2. Members of the Super Affiliate Network who want to refer people to the system as an affiliate (not for the upfront commissions, but for the potential high ticket backend commissions later on in the sales funnel)

Home Cashflow Shortcut Products

Home Cashflow Shortut provides you with training on how to generate an income with affiliate marketing.

The focus of the training is how to set up systems and sales funnels and drive daily traffic (aka website visitors) to your pages in order to build an email list and generate affiliate sales.

Home Cashflow Shortcut leads into The Super Affiliate Network, which is a high ticket business opportunity.

Home Cashflow Shortcut Review
Home Cashflow Shortcut Review

And as part of their training they highlight the fact that high ticket products are important in order to be able to make enough money from each sale in order to be able to recoup your paid advertising costs.

So the focus of this is using paid traffic to build your email list and make big ticket sales as an affiliate marketer.

There is also a personal business coach that you get assigned as part of the Home Cashflow Shortcut process.

This is a mentor that helps you through the steps, to answer any questions, to help with traffic generation, and to also encourage you to upgrade to their more expensive products and services.

So the coach doubles up as someone who both helps you, but also wants to sell you more products!

Home Cashflow Shortcut Testimonials

My Home Cashflow Shortcut review took a look at the sales page tactics used to try and encourage visitors to buy the offer right away.

A lot of affiliate offers use pretty hard-selling tactics to try and boost their earnings per click (EPC) statistics in order to make more and more people want to promote their product.

One such conversion strategy that is used is: testimonials.

As part of my review of Home Cashflow Shortcut it is excellent to report that the customer testimonials do look real.

home cashflow shortcut testimonials
Home Cashflow Shortcut Testimonials

Many other affiliate business opportunity sales pages use paid actors to read fake reviews from a script, but thankfully this is not the case with Home Cashflow Shortcut.

You can tell they are real people because the speak in a down-to-earth and natural way.

And if you are paying attention to the home based business world like I do then you will probably recognize some of these people with the marketing they have out there.

Having said that, these customers are also affiliates of Super Affiliate Network and are going to be somewhat biased since they have a financial incentive for the company to do well.

So always take feedback with a pinch of salt and do your own research on top of that.

Home Cashflow Shortcut Review Summary – Yes or No?

Home Cashflow Shortcut is an affiliate sales page designed to refer new members to the Super Affiliate Network business opportunity.

This is a high ticket affiliate marketing sales funnel where you get a done for you system to promote in order to build your list and send your own customers through the same funnel so that you can earn commissions from their purchases.

The focus of Home Cashflow Shortcut is list building with paid traffic and making sure your funnel includes high ticket offers so that you only need a sale or two to be able to fund your advertising.

Big ticket opportunities are not for everyone though, because of the high upfront costs involved and you may need to get though quite a few leads (which will result in lots of additional advertising expenditure or top of the product costs) before those big sales finally do come in.

But I don’t think there is a Home Cashflow Shortcut scam as there is legitimate coaching and tools provided by the company.

Also, the focus is not 100% on just referring people to the same products you just purchased yourself.

That does seem to be part of it, but they do have additional products and funnels that you can license in order to promote in a more unique manner.

In any case, I hope my thoughts on Home Cashflow Shortcut were of help to you!

For me, I focus on generating traffic and diverting that traffic into done for you systems in order to build my email list and promote high quality affiliate offers.

It is a really cool process which provides a great focus for building up a stable internet income.

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