Finish Line Network – Review Of Compensation Plan

Finish Line Network – review of the compensation plan for 2018 and 2019 with the Lock In Your Profits affiliate program. Does it make money?

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finish line network review

Finish Line Network Compensation Plan

The Finish Line Network compensation plan first requires members to pay the $20/month affiliate fee in order to qualify for resell rights. Also, as part of the affiliate program you need to first purchase the products you want to sell.

Any sales of products that the member has not yet purchased themselves are passed-up to their sponsor to receive those commissions. However, those pass-up sales go into a “qualifying bank” where affiliates can still work towards qualifying to resell the high ticket items without having to purchase them, but rather passing-up a number of sales first. It is just a longer route to qualification than just purchasing them yourself.

In this Finish Line Network review we can reveal there are a number of different products in the sales funnel. The silver level is a lead management platform and sales conversion app priced at $47/month. Next is the gold level which is monthly live webinar training on how to market online and generate traffic and conversions in the home business industry. This material is priced together with the silver level for $197/month for both those product packages. There is also the option to get 3-year’s worth of access to that training for around $3,000 upfront.

The next upgrade is the Email Profits On Demand product which is high level email marketing training at $1,997. And finally, thee is a high ticket live training event called Digital Domination costing $997.

As part of the compensation plan there is also a “bonus pool” where the company pays out 20% of the total profits out to affiliates depending on their sales rank. The more products you sell of certain levels the higher your sales rank and thus the higher the bonus pool pay out each month. There are also multi-tiered commissions so you make money not just on your own efforts but also when your own members go onto resell the products themselves.

Finish Line Network Review – Does It Make Money?

Finish Line Network is likely to make experienced marketers who already have a big email list a lot of money, but beginners to the home based business industry may well struggle at first.

They have provided members with what appears to be a high converting sales funnel that enables you to promote multiple affiliate products including high ticket items on the backend for those big paydays. So if an internet marketer already has a large email list then they simply send out a few broadcast emails to that list and they will get a ton of referrals very quickly. A certain number of those referrals will go onto buy some high ticket products and thus lots of commissions with come through.

However, the typical beginner won’t have the luxury of having a big contact database to promote to and will thus have to start from scratch with their marketing. So since you need to purchase the products first that you want to resell, and adding on marketing costs, most people will take a while to make back their initial investment. And most members will not even do that.

But the internet marketing training products do seem to be of value and are likely to provide a good training experience to beginners to the industry so that they can learn the ropes of exactly how the home based business and traffic generation industry works. Realistic expectations are going to be needed though as there is that initial learning curve of learning how to market effectively online.

Thanks for checking out this review of the Finish Line Network Compensation Plan.

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