Finish Line Network Review – Scam?

Finish Line Network Review – can you really make money with FLN System in 2018 and 2019 or is it a scam?

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finish line network

Finish Line Network Review

Finish Line Network (FLN) is a new MLM business opportunity. In this review we can reveal that it is created by the founders of Traffic Authority (TA), which is another home business system and compensation plan based around buying and selling traffic in the MLM industry.

In this review we can report that there does not appear to be a scam going on because they have real products of value that you can buy as a customer as well as resell as an affiliate. There does seem to be a $20/month affiliate fee in order to qualify for the resell rights however and it looks like you either need to buy the products you want to resell yourself first or pass-up a number of these commissions first before you qualify.

The Finish Line Products and FLN Compensation Plan 2018/2019 are at a number of different price levels and teach the member a number of traffic and lead generation techniques and online marketing/sales strategies. The lowest price entry product is the traffic tracking and conversions software along with the traffic training vault and these are priced together at $197/month. There is also more advanced traffic generation, email marketing, and sales conversion training and webinars in the higher ticket products further into the sales funnel.

Finish Line Network (FLN) Scam

Doesn’t look like a Finish Line Network (FLN) scam in 2018/2019, but this is not going to be for everyone.

The business opportunity combines affiliate marketing and MLM/network marketing into one turnkey system. So you earn commissions on reselling the products as part of the FLN sales funnel to other members and you also earn multi-tiered commissions when the people you refer go onto to make sales themselves. So there is a team building aspect to it where helping your members do marketing to make sales will benefit your overall earnings due to the pass-up commissions in the FLN compensation plan.

So people who already have a good amount of experience in driving traffic and getting leads online are likely to make a lot of money with the high ticket sales funnel the team has put together with this. However, the typical newbie who has never done internet marketing may well struggle to make their own sales so are unlikely recoup the large upfront investments right away and will take a bit of learning and trial and error before results are finally be seen.

And whilst there is bound to be value in the training offered in the high ticket live digital webinar events, it is quite an expensive introduction to the world of online marketing / MLM lead generation. Cheaper products and the trial/error process of taking action yourself may well be just as good a learning experience than expensive training material on offer here.

Finish Line Network Summary

Finish Line Network looks like a legitimate business opportunity built around software and training products to help the customer drive traffic, capture leads, recruit members, and make sales in the MLM/internet marketing industry. Some people will do well and others will not. Those that succeed are likely to have experience to start with and will drive lots of traffic to the FLN sales page at on a daily basis to get regular sales. Newbies will struggle to do that right away and will experience a fairly large learning curve as they get started.

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