Explosivo Review – Cool Custom Bonus from Adam

My Explosivo review (I actually purchased this product!) reveals my free bonus download for this $50 to $100/day method.

As part of this review of Explosivo we will look inside the members area and talk a bit about how the strategy works. I will then show you the exciting Explosivo bonus package that I have put together for my readers.

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Explosivo Review – What Is The Method?

Let’s kick off this Explosivo review by talking a bit about what strategy they are using to make the money.

They are actually very vague about the method on the sales page.


They simply tell you it is newbie friendly and a few things about what it does not involve, but not much about what it does involve!

I can reveal that it is a very simple and super cool Instagram marketing strategy.

They show you a few simple tricks to get quick and easy traffic from Instagram and to use that to promote affiliate offers for nice upfront commissions.

You don’t even need to have you own Instagram account yourself or be much of a social media type of person to make this work with the special tactics and service providers they reveal to you.

I think the reason why the Explosivo sales page does not mention Instagram is because some newbies may talk themselves out of buying it as they may think it will be too hard or think that they need to already have an account and following to make it work.

But when you see exactly how this method is implemented you will understand that ANYONE can truly do this, starting from complete scratch.

Explosivo Review – The Members Area

In my review of Explosivo I can reveal that they have a really simple one page members area.

It includes 16 training videos. Each video is about 3 minutes to 10 minutes in length.

I found it to be pretty quick to go through everything myself so they really did cut to the chase which was good to see.

The training is very much in step-by-step format.

explosivo members area

I recommend to watch them through once to understand how their method works.

And then when you go about implementing the strategy refer back to the videos step-by-step so you are following along with them.

I like the fact that this is not theory or fluff for the sake of “learning” something.

It is very much a demonstration of exactly how to implement the tactics so you can copy the method for yourself without any guesswork involved.

The one thing I would have liked to see in the Explosivo members area, however, was a text summary of the content below each video. And also the links to the services they recommend to use along the way.

Because the content is 100% on video, I recommend jotting down notes and saving the important website links in a notepad file so that they are easy to refer back to when you implement the system yourself.

Explosivo Bonus – Custom Mega Package

I have a Mega Explosivo Bonus Package that I have put together for you!

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Explosivo Bonus #1: 0 to $100 in 24 Hours Product – free access to this best selling product about how he generated $100 in 24 hours from complete scratch, as though he was a complete newbie with no knowledge or experience.

Explosivo Bonus #2 : El Bandito – I am very impressed with this training. It shows a simple case study to generating $419 in one day with just one hour of work. I love the simple tweak this is focused around.

Free Bonus Product #3: The Secret Weapon – Case study for how they went from newbies to blasting past the 10K Per Month milestone.

Bonus #4 – Top Secret Money Method – all about plugging-in to “done for you” systems and “done for you” traffic sources for quick results without all the “learning” and technical stuff most systems involve.

Summary Of My Explosivo Review

OK, I shall wrap things up as part of my review of Explosivo.

The main advantages I want to highlight is how simple and step-by-step the training modules are. You literally just follow along to get your own campaigns up and running like they did in the case study.

Anyone can do this and they give you lots of tips and tricks for getting Instagram traffic even if you don’t have your own account on there or have any sort of following.

And don’t worry, you are not going to have to reveal your photo/identify using this method as it is about creating simple and professional images and videos with stock photos and graphics. They show you how you can outsource this to a freelancer for cheap as well.

The main thing I would like to have seen improved was a text version of the instructions with the important links provided just to make it easier to refer back to the bits you want from all the video training modules.

Any how, I hope my quick thoughts on Explosivo were of help! Be sure to grab a copy of this via my bonus page below.

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