Ecom Cash Crusher Review – Is It A Scam?

This review of Ecom Cash Crusher will see if you can really make up to $2,000/day with this Clickbank system or if there is an Ecom Cash Crusher scam?

Ecom Cash Crusher is a new training program that teaches you how to make money online in 2019 with ecommerce marketing. It is the latest product launch to hit the Clickbank E-Business & Marketing section.

We will see if you can really expect to make money with it or if it is just lots of hype and fluff.

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Ecom Cash Crusher Review

Ecom Cash Crusher follows the same formula for lots of the new “make money online” related products that have appeared on Clickbank recently. This review will aim to breakdown the sales page, product, and give pointers to the best way forward if you want to start your own web based business at home.

ecom cash crusher

The formula of this sales page is as follows: an eye catching logo at the top, a hyped-up heading with a big $2,000 per day income claim, and then a sales video presentation with a professional voiceover artist.

Finally, there is an “add to cart” button that firsts asks you to enter in your name and email address to reach the checkout page. They want your email address so they can follow-up with promotional emails to try and get you to buy if you did not at the first look of the page. And also to send promotional follow-up emails of other affiliate programs when they are launched.

Nothing wrong with that email marketing approach, and it is recommended to use it in your own online business as well to build a big email list!

Are the Testimonials Real or Fake?

In this review of Ecom Cash Crusher let us take a look at the testimonials featured on the sales page and whether they are worth trusting.

Instead of text based testimonials or screenshots of emails or social media posts, the creators of the Ecom Cash Crusher system have embedded video reviews of their product into the sales video presentation.

My initial reaction was that I had seen those same people talking about other products in the industry as well. They appear on lots of other sales videos. So that leads me to believe that instead of being actual customers, they are instead actors that have been paid to read testimonials from a script.

That does not mean the content they are reading is fake as it could be they are protecting the privacy of actual customers by getting actors to read their email feedback. Either way, I would not put too much weight into those testimonial videos when making a purchasing decision.

How Does Ecom Cash Crusher Work?

Now let us look at how Ecom Cash Crusher works and whether you can expect to get results with it or not.

It is another one of those training programs that teaches you how to make money with an ecommerce website. This is quite a popular topic for the focus of the strategies taught in the latest Clickbank launches, as compared to the more digital approach with the recent Auto Chat Profits offer.

This ecommerce marketing approach usually works in one of two ways.

You are either learning how to do dropshipping with your own Shopify style store or you are doing affiliate marketing on a platform such as Amazon.

With dropshipping you list products to sell on your ecom store, but don’t stock the inventory at home. Instead, you act as the middle man. You take the payment and the order and then go and pay a dropshipping company to ship the product directly to your customer. You then make a profit on the difference between the price of the sale price and the cost of paying the company for the product and shipping.

Amazon affiliate marketing is where you build your own website in order to generate traffic online. You then forward your visitors onto the official Amazon website and will earn a commission if they make a purchase.

The advantage of ecommerce marketing is that you are benefiting from the trust and authority of these type of platforms and website layouts. The disadvantage is that the commissions can be very low (around 5%) for selling physical items that are sent in the mail.

Does Ecom Cash Crusher Make Money?

In this Ecom Cash Crusher review, let’s see if customers can expect to make money with the strategies they will learn.

It is worth pointing out that ecom websites is a perfectly legitimate way to build your own home based business and many people are successfully doing this. So the business model is real and it is going to be well worth learning about this exciting industry.

ecom cash crusher scam

However, not everyone is going to get results with an online business, and the $2,000/day income example given on the Ecom Cash Crusher website is completely unrealistic for someone just getting started.

Whether a customer of this system makes money with the strategy or not will largely depend on the amount of work they put in and the consistency of action.

Most people struggle to get results at first, but those that stay consistent with their learning and marketing activities are likely to eventually get the ball moving and things can really snowball from there.

But many people will get confused and overwhelmed and quit before giving it a proper go and therefore not achieve any success.

Ecom Cash Crusher Review Summary

In summary of this review of Ecom Cash Crusher, it looks like a way to learn some useful marketing strategies for building your own online business around the ecommerce marketing industry.

However, the sales presentation gives people unrealistic expectations of what they can expect to achieve when just starting out. And as a result many people will get discouraged when it is harder and requires more work than they first thought was the case.

The product is sold via the Clickbank platform. That does not mean they endorse the content of the offering, but simply act as the digital retailer that handles the payment process and deals with customer support relating to the purchase.

Clickbank is a trustworthy company that has been in business for 15 years so people are likely to be in safe hands with them.

Thank you for stopping by this Ecom Cash Crusher review.

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