EB Formula Review – $3,624 on Ebay?

EB Formula Review – does this Clickbank system really make $3,624 per day on Ebay or is it a scam?

This review of EB Formula will look at this latest Clickbank product launch to see if making money on Ebay is a realistic proposition or not.

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eb formula

EB Formula Review

EB Formula is a Clickbank product launch that teaches members how to make money online via the Ebay platform.

But does it really work or is it just a scam?

There does not appear to be an EB Formula Scam going on as Ebay is a perfectly legitimate way to earn an income from home.

This program is going to teach members how to sell products on this ecommerce platform. Interesting strategies such as drop shipping (selling products you don’t have in stock yourself) and promoting other peoples items via affiliate marketing may well also be taught.

It was the affiliate model that was used in the Payday Shortcuts post we recently did.

Not everyone is going to get results with this system though as the online business world has a learning curve. And you usually have to put in consistent work and effort for a few months before you really start to pick up momentum and get to the stage of being profitable.

But for complete newbies who are new to the industry then the Ebay Formula may well help them get started.

Is EB Formula A Scam?

In this EB Formula review we don’t think there is a scam, but at the same time there are a few red flags to talk about in the sales video.

First of all, the headline talks about making 3K+ Per Day on the internet. That amount is going to be way out of reach for most new members so take those kind of claims with a pinch of salt.

It is good to see that with that headline they are just talking about the money the system creator is making rather than claiming members are getting those results as well. We mentioned this as well in our Money Looper system overview.

The 2nd red flag is the EB Formula testimonials featured on the video. These appear to be very unnatural as though they have paid people to just read them from a script.

Perhaps they have real on record results from members and then have got actors to act as the representation for those earnings without needing to reveal the true identify of the customer.

Either way, those big claims made in the unnatural looking reviews will give new members unrealistic expectations about what they can achieve and this causing them to quit too early.

Review of EB Formula – Summary

Finally, EB Formula is purchased via the Clickbank platform which is good to see. Because that way you are protected with their product guarantee, staff support, secure and private shopping cart, and instant access to your download link.

Clickbank is a well respected retailer in the digital product world. It is similar to Amazon and Ebay but for products that you download instantly to your computer.

To wrap up this review it is worth highlighting that most members are unlikely to make the big cash right away but at the same time will probably pick up some useful ecommerce business building strategies along the way.

Thanks for taking the time to go through this review of EB Formula.

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