Easy Digital Profit Network – Review Of 70% Commissions

Easy Digital Profit Network – review looks at whether you can make money with this 70% commissions business opportunity? Let us get started.

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easy digital profit network review

Easy Digital Profit Network

Easy Digital Profit is a new MLM style business opportunity. This review will see if you can make money online with their compensation plan and affiliate program or if there is some sort of scam going on.

The program is a combination of an internet marketing sales funnel and an online MLM opportunity. As a customer you get access to a range of different products ranging from around $47 to $2,500. These products are digital marketing and home based business training modules to teach members how to effectively market online, get clicks, sales and build duplicating network marketing teams.

In addition to using this training as a customer you can also join the affiliate program and earn 70% commissions by reselling the very same products.

The “catch” is that with these types of systems you usually need to buy the products that you want to resell first in order to qualify for the resell rights. So members who want to get those high ticket commissions are going to need to spend thousands of dollars to qualify for that first by the looks of it, unless there are other qualification methods available.

Sometimes with similar programs you can pass-up a few sales to your sponsor first and then you are qualified to earn on that particular product even if you did not purchase it yourself.

Either way, there could potentially be a big upfront expenditure involved and the typical newbie is likely to struggle to make that back right away.

Easy Digital Profit Network Review – Does It Work?

In this Easy Digital Profit Network review people will want to know does it actually work and can they really make money with it. With these types of turnkey online business opportunities the people who do well with them are experienced marketers who already have a big email list.

These people can send out a few broadcast emails to their email list of thousands of subscribers and get lots of clicks to the sales page and thus make a lot of money when these customers start going through the high ticket sales funnel. That is likely to make them a lot of money quickly as these types of funnels often tend to convert quite well especially when first launched.

However, the typical beginner to this industry who does not already have a big email list is likely to struggle. A learning curve will need to be overcome in order to first learn how to drive traffic on the internet and then convert those visitors into sales. This is not as quick and easy as most of these websites indicate. Also, these marketing systems can get saturated pretty quickly with lots of people all promoting the same links at the same time.

The good news though is that this opportunity does sell in depth training material that covers all the main forms of online traffic generation, sales conversions, recruiting and team building etc. So the customer is likely to get some value from that education even if they do not go onto successfully make lots of money as an affiliate by reselling it.

Thanks for checking out this Easy Digital Profit Network review.

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