Discover The Plan Review – Money Making Website Scam?

Discover The Plan Review – is this money making website legitimate or is there some sort of Scam going on right now? Let’s find out.

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Discover The Plan Review

Discover The Plan is a money making website offer. This review will see if you can make money online with this system or if it is a scam that is not worth your time.

The (Get The Discovery) sales videos describes a “weird online trick” that an 8 year old girl is supposedly using to generate a full-time income on the internet. However, in small print below to video it does state that the girl is not actually a client of theirs. So it seems that this is simply an entertaining marketing hook to get visitor attention as they arrive on the website.

The website is pretty vague about exactly what the program involves and the strategies used to make money. But it does look like this is another system that teaches you how to generate an income with ecommerce marketing using your own website.

This is where you get your own domain, hosting, and website that is geared towards promoting products on the ecommerce platforms of Amazon or Ebay. This is known as affiliate marketing. The visitors that come to your website, read about a particular product, and then click through to the official Amazon website and are tracked back to your unique affiliate link. Then when a sale is made you get credited with a commission as a percentage of the price.

This is a legitimate method to generate a profit online with your own affiliate sites built around promoting products on ecom platforms. It is just not as super quick as this site seems to indicate.

Discover The Plan Scam

In this Discover The Plan review let us see if it can really work for the typical person just starting out in the industry.

It may not be a scam since the strategies taught and the tools provided are likely to help people learn how to get started with their own online business. And this education may well result in faster understanding about how everything works compared with someone trying to educate themselves by browsing the web.

But the sales presentation on the (Get The Discovery) website is pretty hypey and probably makes customers think that this process is going to be much easier than it is in reality.

It is much more than just having a website that causes success within the ecommerce and affiliate marketing space. A website, even if really well designed, is not magically going to results in traffic and sales just by being up and running on the internet. It is going to take consistent work and marketing in order to start getting visitors and sales.

Strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing etc are going to need to be learned in order to actually get eyeballs on your site in the first place.

The education and services provided with this system should hopefully help with that, but it is important to understand that the website is unlikely to be making money right out of the box without further effort over the coming months.

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Thanks for taking a look at this Discover The Plan Review.

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