Crypto Gold App Review – Forex Trading Scam?

Crypto Gold App Review – can you make money with this software or is it a forex trading scam? Let us take a look on this page.

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crypto gold app

Crypto Gold App Review

Crypto Gold App is a forex trading software launch. This review will see if you can make money with it or whether there is a scam going on.

The title of the website seems to indicate that you will be getting trading signals to help you make money with cryptocurrency investing. But the software is actually more to do with forex trading.

The whole website is essentially a sales presentation in order to promote a Forex Broker of their choice via an affiliate link. So if you activate your broker account and then make a deposit of $250 or more then that will trigger a commission for both the website and the affiliate marketer who referred you to that site.

So the people who are going to make the most money with this system are going to be the marketers who are promoting it rather than the actual customers who decide to use it.

Also, instead of investing in cryptocurrencies in such a way that you own the underlying asset yourself, this is more to do with simply trading the pegged amount in a broker account. So you don’t get to hold the tokens in your own wallet as a long term profitable investment, but rather gambling on the short term price movements which is very risky.

Crypto Gold Review – Does It Work?

As part of this Crypto Gold App review people are going to want to know whether it actually works. Whilst this is focused around high risk forex/binary options style trading it does not mean that no-one will get results. In fact, many people earn a healthy full-time income with this form of trading.

It is just that there are better, lower risk ways to get involved in forex trading that does not require this gambling approach. Many people will benefit by using educational material to slowly learn how to trade for themselves without relying on automated signals to do everything for them.

And with many of these systems that promote a broker on the backend you do not actually get access to any software or signals. They just want you to sign-up and make a deposit so they can get the commission out of you and then just leave you to it.

Also, there are some very big income claims in the video presentation. Whilst it is possible that some people make those kind of figures, the typical beginner to online trading is more likely to lose money. Over time with lots of trial/error, learning, and losses some people will eventually get to the stage of generating consistent profit. But it is not the sort of thing that you can make quick and easy money with like the hypey video presentation on their website seems to indicate.

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