Cash Point ATM Review – Is It A Scam?

Is Cash Point ATM a Scam or a real money making website? We will find out in this blog post Cash Point ATM review!

As we dive into this review of Cash Point ATM website, we will look at how this system for making money online actually works, and whether it looks like it is worth giving a go or not.

We will also take a look at the techniques that the Cash Point ATM system and other similar websites use to try and get you to buy the product right away.

In summary, Cash Point ATM is an affiliate offer that lots of marketers will be promoting for $65 commissions.

The customer gets a “done for you” website to try and make money with. But will the customers actually be generating a profit, or just the affiliates promoting the sales page itself?

We shall take a look!

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Cash Point ATM Review

Cash Point ATM costs $47 and it supposedly gives users a website that can be used to generate an income online with.

In fact, the sales page says that the website will also be marketed for you.

cash point atm

That implies you do not need to do anything in order to generate a profit with the system, apart from activate it for the $47 entry fee.

That sounds a bit too good to be true to me!

I mentioned earlier that affiliate marketers are likely to get paid around $65 for each sale that they make.

The reason for that the affiliates get paid more than the cost of the product is because the vendor is going to try and sell even more products to that same customer in the future.

So they are prepared to pay a nice upfront commission to acquire a new customer because they know that they will make it back in the long run.

Because of the high upfront commissions, lots of affiliates will be emailing their email list to promote the Cash Point ATM website.

However, I think that in many of these hype-filled product launches it is the affiliates promoting the offer that will make the most money rather than users of the system.

It might not be a scam if a high quality website/blog is provided along with useful training, but the big income claims made on the sales page are unlikely to be realized by the typical beginner who gets started with it.

Cash Point ATM Scam?

Is there a scam going on with Cash Point ATM?

Or can you realistically expect to generate a profit with the website they create for you?

Based on the screenshots that are displayed within the sales video, customers are given an ecommerce style website that promotes products within a specific niche marketplace.

These products look like they are physical in nature in that they are mailed to the front door of the customer rather than digital services that are instantly accessible online.

It therefore looks like these sites will be monetized with affiliate programs with other ecom vendors such as Amazon or fulfilled by another 3rd party.

So the quality of the website does not look like a scam.

But it is the unrealistic expectations provided on the sales page that is going to cause a disconnect in the minds of new members.

The headline talks about making $500 Per Day.

And then the sales video makes big income claims about how people are making thousands of dollars without doing any marketing or putting in any effort!

In reality, to get any results in this industry you are going to need to learn how to effectively market your website in order to generate visitors that can in turn be converted into sales.

When users discover that their site is not automatically making money without them having to actually get visitors to it, then they may well be disappointed and quit.

Are The Testimonials Real?

Cash Point ATM testimonials are embedded into the sales video presentation.

They are done in quite a professional way in what you would expect to appear on infomercials on TV!

But the way the reviews are delivered by the “customers” is a bit too scripted for my liking as though they are actors reading from a script or have been told what to say.

And even if these are real customers whom are genuinely making money with the Cash point ATM website, they are going to be handpicked as the very best performers and is unlikely that the typical user is going to be able to replicate that success.

What put me off with these reviews of Cash Point ATM is that these “customers” were saying that the marketing for the website was already done for them and that they did not need to do any work.

But that sounds unrealistic to me!

That sort of service would cost thousands of dollars, not just $47!

With these “done for you” business opportunities you may well get a high quality website that you can start using.

But the actual results are only going to come after you consistently advertise it online and get lots of traffic.

This can normally only be done by taking the time to learn some useful digital marketing strategies such as blogging, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media etc.

Summary Of Cash Point ATM Review

Cash Point ATM is quite a hard-selling CPA affiliate offer that lots of email marketers will be promoting right now for their $65+ commissions.

With hyped-up new launches like this I think that the people making the most money will be the marketers promoting it and not the customers.

Whilst there may not be a Cash Point ATM scam if you get a high quality website to get you started, I think that the outlandish income claims and mention of all the marketing being done for you is going to give people unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved.

Learning how to effectively advertise and generate traffic on the internet is well worth doing and can be turned into consistent profits when done properly.

But there is a learning curve and for the typical beginner there will be an initial period of trial and error and lots of action taking before any significant results start to come in.

There is exciting potential in this industry, but I think many people will quit too early if they get started with a system that makes big income claims as there is a disconnect between how easy the sales page says it is and the work that is needed in reality.

In any case, I hope you got some useful information from this Cash Point ATM review!

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