Automated Profit Formula Review – Super Affiliate Coaching

My review of Automated Profit Formula looks this new affiliate marketing coaching program – let’s see if it can make money!

As we dive into this Automated Profit Fomula review we will see what this program is all about, how it works, and whether you can expect to get results from the training or not.

Automated Profit Formula has an affiliate program attached to it so lots of people will be mailing out for this and promoting it for their 50% commission.

As a result there I going to be a lot of buzz surrounding the launch and hopefully my opinions (I worm from home as a full-time affiliate marketer) on this will be of help to you at this time.

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Automated Profit Formula Review

Automated Profit Formula is a coaching program in the space of affiliate marketing and internet marketing.

The content is delivered via step-by-step video training modules in the Automated Profit Formula members area.

So it is not one-on-one coaching as such, but you are guided through everything at your own pace with the training videos.

There is a new training modules each day. So the entire course is split up into around 100 days and you go though it day by day.

I like the way they have broken this down to mean you can digest it at a relatively steady pace so you don’t get all overwhelmed right away with all that information dumped at your feet!

There are 3 sections to the Automated Profit Formula system: 1) Pro Level, 2) Gold Level and 3) Platinum Level.

The aim is to focus on teaching the main strategies that are required to reach a certain level of income.

Pro Level is focused on taking newbies from zero to a few thousand per month. Gold level is about working towards the 10K/month milestone for intermediate online marketers. And finally the Platinum level is about the more advanced methods used by top entrepreneurs who can make as much as $10,000 in a single day when promoting a hot new launch.

The do also appear to be live calls and a support structure to the program.

This is good to see as you are not just left to go at it alone and try and figure everything out yourself. There does seem to be a good bit of accountability built into this.

Automated Profit Formula – Can You Make Money?

As part of this Automated Profit Formula review it is worth pointing out that some people are likely to do really well with the training and others will not.

From what I can see they have put together a very comprehensive online training platform that gives members the best possible chance of success if they actually take action on the information.

So everyone is going to get a really good education and a better understanding of the daily activities performed by top entrepreneurs and internet marketers are various different income levels.

But with this industry there is going to be a learning curve to start with. So users will need to take a lot of action and consistently put in work and improve over the coming months in order to stand a chance of turning that learning into an income.

Automated Profit Formula Testimonials – Are They Real?

Automated Profit Formula testimonial videos are shown on the main sales page.

These are clearly from real people who have worked with the program creators before and are delivering their honest feedback.

You can tell that these are real and not fake testimonials from paid actors like other hyped-up launches often use.

The reviews are delivered in a very down to earth and natural way and you can tell that these people understand the lingo of the internet marketing space and are therefore using their own words and not just reading from a script.

Automated Profit Formula is being launched on the Warrior Plus and JVZoo platforms. The testimonials for these type of products do tend to be real from real internet marketers.

It is the hyped-up Clickbetter and Clickbank launches aimed at complete newbies where sometimes you see fake testimonials from freelancers being used.

Summary Of Automated Profit Formula Review

Automated Profit Formula looks like a really cool affiliate marketing coaching program.

It is about covering the entire A to Z process from complete beginner and progressing to understanding how to do this for a full-time income and work your way up to an advanced level.

Members are going to like the way the content has been broken down into 100 separate daily training modules in order to prevent information overwhelm and so that you can progress at your own pace.

The success or failure of the individual member will depend on their work ethic and how well they apply what they have learnt.

But Automated Profit Formula does look to give you everything you need to known about succeeding in this industry.

Thanks for checking out this review!

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