Auto Traffic Machine Review – Unlimited Traffic?

Buyer keyword strategy revealed in Auto Traffic Machine Review – does this video software have good bonuses?

Auto Traffic Machine Review

Auto Traffic Machine Review – New Launch

Auto Traffic Machine software is about generating unlimited buyer traffic. See how it works in this Auto Traffic Machine Review!

In this review of Auto Traffic Machine, we will look at how the software works, the main features, and bonuses.

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Auto Traffic Machine Review – What Is It?

In my Auto Traffic Machine Review let us first talk about what exactly this software does.

Auto Traffic Machines is an “all in one” video marketing software package.

It let’s you create videos within the system, where it automatically converts pictures you have into slideshow presentations.

So it does seem that the video creation software is pretty basic, but it might work well for new product launches where you can make a quick video slideshow video form the product images on the vendor website.

You can also use your own videos with this marketing system, and that may well be a more effective strategy for those that are good at creating content themselves.

The key feature is the distribution of these videos to video sharing websites and also social media websites.

Instead of having to log-in to each of these platforms individually, you simply upload everything from the Auto Traffic Machine software members area.

Auto Traffic Machine Features

Auto Traffic Machine actually makes it sound pretty vague on the sales page and a bit more complicated in describing how it works.

In reality, it is actually a pretty simple and clever piece of video marketing software. But they are trying to make it sound as secretive and exciting as possible to create a buzz around this new launch.

So it is not a matter of clicking a few buttons and this magical software will send you buyer traffic.

Instead you use the system to create simple slideshow videos that are then uploaded to multiple video sites and social media sites to get clicks from people who see it on those platforms.

The “buyer traffic” part of it is going to come if you choose to target product name keywords such as “is product101 legit” and “buy product101” and “where to download product101” etc.

By getting lots of long tail keyword video content out there on as many different platforms as possible, you are increasing the chances you are going to get a good number of clicks from people who are actively researching that product because they are thinking about buying it.

There is a Keyword Research feature within Auto Traffic Machine which is going to help you find product keywords and nice low competition keywords to go after with your videos.

They also provide training as part of the members area which is a nice little addition.

Auto Traffic Machine Bonuses

There are some pretty interesting looking bonus for Auto Traffic Machine. This includes the following:

1K A Day Training Call – This is a customer-only training call which unveils a strategy used to make some marketers up to 1K Per Day Online.

Upgrade Discount – This is a Auto Traffic Machine discount coupon to get 50% off the first upgrade for this software.

Commissions In Minutes – Training modules that show you how to make money from other peoples products in a matter of moments.

Premium Agency License – As a free Auto Traffic Machine bonus you are able to get the license to charge clients for your video marketing and traffic generation services using this system. Usually you have to pay extra for a commercial license so it is good to see this packaged in at no extra cost.

5 Software Products – They don’t say which ones or what they do, but they are packaging 5 additional software downloads with this purchase.

Summary Of Auto Traffic Machine Review

To finish of this Auto Traffic Machine Review, it does look like a nice little video marketing tool to help you crank out simple videos and then upload them to multiple platforms.

This will work well for targeting multiple long tail, product name keywords and for getting additional backlinks from all these publications.

I must admit that the sales page does make this software sound much more complicated and secretive that it in reality is.

It is simply an easy way to create basic videos and then quickly upload them to multiple sites.

It is good to see a range of bonus training packaged into this purchase, including case studies of highly successful marketing campaigns using the same strategies.

And finally, the keyword research tool is a nice addition to make it easy to find some uncovered buyer keywords for products online you might want to promote.

Anyway, I hope my review of Auto Traffic Machine was of some help!

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