Auto Chat Profits Review – Scam or Legit?

Hey, welcome to my review of Auto Chat Profits which has just launched on Clickbank. Is it a scam or legit?

Auto Chat Profits is a webchat bot feature built into a “done for you” affiliate marketing website. This is to help add a personal touch to the site they give you in order to help you increase sales conversions and make more money.

But can you make money with this as a newbie or is there an Auto Chat Profits scam going on? Let’s take a look.

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auto chat profits review

Auto Chat Profits Review

Auto Chat Profits is one of those products from the Clickbank E-Business & Marketing section that I recently spotted being promoted in my email inbox.

I work from home as a full-time online entrepreneur so I save up those emails that I get to see what other people are promoting. And this seems to be the latest addition.

My initial reaction upon taking a look at the Auto Chat Profits website was that the layout is very similar to other Clickbank products that I have also reviewed recently: Five Minute Profit Sites and Daily Cash Siphon.

There is nothing wrong with modelling the sales page on other products as long as the content itself is not just copied and pasted over. It is just interesting to note that the sales page format with a light blue background, red and black heading, sales video presentation, and “claim your free software license button converts into sales well for 2019.

Infact, I think the creators of this web chatbot software were behind Five Minute Profit Sites and Daily Cash Siphon in the first place and this is their latest launch.

What you get with Auto Chat Profits?

As part of this Auto Chat Profits review let us talk about what you actually get when you purchase this system.

You get a turnkey affiliate marketing website that you use to promote Clickbank affiliate offers.

So you use their training that they give you in the members area to learn how to drive traffic online in the form of solo ads, social media, videos, and blogging etc. And the web traffic that you generate will be diverted from your own website onto the sales page of a top Clickbank offer. And then if the visitor goes onto purchase that product then you earn a commission.

To make this process even better, the team at has installed a chatbot software app to your website so that visitors can have any questions they have answered. This is just like having your own team of support staff working for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Expect, this process is automated by an artificial intelligence process.

Does Auto Chat Profits Really Work?

Auto Chat Profits will most probably make money for some people whilst at the same time others will struggle to get any results.

auto chat profits

So it is first worth pointing out that the typical beginner to this industry is not suddenly going to be making the sort of income that they have displayed on the sales video presentation. Those income screenshots are what the system creators themselves are achieving in their business and beginners are not going to get anywhere that level to start with.

But what this system does provide customers with is a very useful tool to help increase sales conversions in the affiliate marketing industry. Instead of using a generic money making website, you get a much more interactive and personalized user experience to help put any doubts at rest in the minds of your visitors.

How To Generate Traffic?

To make Auto Chat Profits work for you it is important to learn how to drive traffic on the internet. This is part of the training that you get when you become a customer of this system.

One of the main methods is solo ads and this is where you buy clicks from the email list of another marketer who has a large database of subscribers. The advantage of this approach is the fast and easy traffic, but the disadvantage is that it costs money and it is harder to make sales with cold traffic like that.

Warm traffic on social media or video websites tends to do better.

But by adding a web chatbot software to your site you can warm-up the cold email traffic by adding a unique touch to the site and help answer questions to see what people are really hoping to achieve and to solve their questions.

When you discover to convert even cold solo ads traffic to regular sales then that is when you really can start to scale up your online business.

Buy Auto Chat Profits Software on Clickbank

People wanting to buy Auto Chat Profits can do so from the official website, which has chosen to go via the Clickgbank platform to make the sale.

That is good because Clickbank protects customers with their product guarantee, customer support, as well as private and secure checkout cart.

The company has been around for many years now and has a good record of treating customers well.

However, just because Clickbank is the retailer used to make the sale does not mean that the company endorses the product as they do not review all offers on their platform. They simply act as the payment processor.

So it is always worth doing your own research and due diligence before purchasing a program on that site. In many cases, the people who make the most money from  these types of E-Business products are the marketers promoting it for commissions rather than the customers themselves!

But I do really like the look of the unique web chatbot approach to internet marketing that they have put together here so this looks different to make other launches that arrive in my inbox.

I hope you enjoyed this Auto Chat Profits review!

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