Ali Profits Review – $500/Day Scam System?

In my review of Ali Profits we see if this Mom really makes $500/day with the system or is it an scam?

As part of this Ali Profits review we will look at how the system works, talk about if it actually can make money, and also highlight some of the sales page tactics to try and get you to make a purchase.

The thoughts in this blog post are taken from my own personal experience of working as a full-time internet marketer for a good 7 years or so now.

It is a great industry to get involved with, but there is a lot of hype and scams out there. So I hope my opinion can help you out.

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Ali Profits Review

Ali Profits is a system launched on the Clickbetter platform.

Many of these new product launches in the “make money online” niche have been taking place on Clickbank recently.

ali profits

But it does seem that some of the more hard-selling and hyped-up offers are now moving over to Clickbetter.

This particular system is focused around making money on the internet with your own ecommerce dropshipping store.

The way dropshipping works is that you create a website that has a number of physical items for sale. A bit like Amazon, but on your own domain with your own products.

When a visitor arrives at your website and makes a purchase, you then buy the product for cheap from a dropshipping company in China and get it shipped directly to your customer.

You then make profit in terms of the difference between the money you received from the customer and the price you had to pay to buy it from the dropshipping company.

There is usually room for quite a big mark up due to the ultra low prices you can source goods from China at.

Ali Profits Scam or Legit?

As part of this Ali Profits review it is work mentioning it is probably not a scam since they do teach you about a legitimate business model (dropshipping) that is extremely popular right now and many entrepreneurs are making a lot of money doing this.

However, I am not convinced that this particular offer is the best way to get started learning about dropshipping and ecommerce marketing.

The reason for that is that it is a very hyped-up sales page that gives beginners unrealistic expectations.

Big income claims are made within the video and it makes it seem like any newbie can click a few buttons and rake in a ton of cash doing dropshipping without any effort.

But it does not work like that. You first need to learn the ropes about how the business model works and then to effectively market your business on the internet on a consistent basis before you start noticing some traction.

You don’t even get to discover how the creator of the system is.

It is just an anonymous presenter called “Sean” and there is not much transparency in terms of how is behind the system and the specifics of what strategies are being taught.

Real Ali Profits Customer Testimonials?

Ali Profits “customer” reviews are featured on the sales page, but I am not convinced these are legitimate testimonials from real people.

It does seem that they have hired actors to give fake reviews by reading from a script.

I have seen the same people pop-up in numerous other sales video presentations and you can usually find the listings for their services on freelancing websites such as fiverr.

These testimonial videos also make big income claims that makes it sound like you can rake in thousands of dollars just by clicking a few buttons.

Sure, some top entrepreneurs around the world are going to be making that kind of money with their successful ecom stores.

However, the typical beginner is not suddenly going to be able to replicate that success simply by buying a $37 Clickbetter product.

It is going to take a good amount of hard work on a consistent basis to see results in this industry.

And it is well worth putting in the time for education and action taking. But the Ali Profits system tries to indicate that no effort is needed.

Summary of Ali Profits Review

OK, so let’s finish off my review of Ali Profits by going over the main points to take away from this blog post.

It is interesting to see this offer being listed on Clickbetter as the payment processor and not Clickbank. It does look like these very hyped make money online products are not to Clickbank’s liking nowadays and that Clickbetter is starting to become the preferred digital retailer for the vendors to use for their system launches.

And important to mention that if you learn a thing or two about running a drop shipping business on the internet then you will probably get some value from this course. So that is why I am not calling it a scam.

But I get the impression that the people who will make the most from this system are going to be the marketers promoting it for their Clickbetter commissions and not the customers themselves.

Many customers are likely to be disappointed in the disconnect between the kind of work/effort needed to generate results in a real ecommerce marketing business, and the hyped-up way they system is presented on the sales page.

Either way, I hope you got some useful ideas from my review of Ali Profits.

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