Affiliate Advisor Group Review – Fool Proof Scam?

Review of Affiliate Advisor Group system sees if this really makes money or is just an AffiliateAdvisorGroup scam?

If you are looking for a no-hype review of Affiliate Advisor group then you are on the right page!

affiliate advisor group scam

We will look at what this system is all about, how it works, and if it is likely to help someone new to the affiliate marketing industry launch their first successful online business.

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Affiliate Advisor Group Review – What Do You Get?

Affiliate Advisor Group gives you a “done for you” affiliate marketing website.

There also seems to be training to go alongside this website to help you effectively advertise it in order to get a steady stream of daily visitors to it.

And then the aim is to get these visitors to read through a piece of content and then to take action by clicking on your link in order to go over to the sales page of whatever product it is you are promoting.

If a sales is made then the vendor will pay you a commission to say thanks for sending new business their way!

I really like this strategy for generating an income with an online business.

I have talked about it in both my recent posts regarding Profit Point Autonomy and the Website ATM system.

When you have lots of pages of content out there (articles, videos, blog posts, social media and email ads etc.) over a consistent period of time then you can get to the stage where you get consistent visitors and sales coming in even if you choose to do not do work on a particular day.

That is because the work you do today can potentially pay you for many months/years to come as long as it remains up on the internet and able to be found in the search engines.

Does Affiliate Advisor Group Work?

In this Affiliate Advisor Group review we have talked a bit about the really cool affiliate marketing business model.

But can this specific offer work for newbies or is it just an Affiliate Advisor Group scam?

I don’t think it is a scam if you get a website and training to kick-start your adventure in the exciting internet marketing world.

However, the sales page that promotes this offering is full of hype.

There is not much transparency about whom the person is that created the system is.

And you also do not get to see what the website you get looks like and how you will go about generating a profit with it.

However, with any online business opportunity product launch there will be some people who do get results whilst most will likely struggle.

The people who do well in this industry understand that it is not quick and easy to make money and that you will have to do a whole lot more than click a few buttons!

It takes time to work on your website, to regularly publish fresh new content, to constantly experiment with different advertising methods online etc.

And then after a period of trial and error (with most attempts failing) you may notice that 1 or 2 advertising methods are working well for you and you can focus all your efforts of specializing in those techniques to build your business up over time.

But you will need to have this work ethic and realistic expectations built into you before entering a system like this.

Having said that, with the big income claims and hypey presentation it is easy to understand why many people will be impatient and will expect to generate easy money by clicking a few buttons!

Affiliate Advisor Group Review – Legit Business Coach?

A VIP Business Coach is assigned to customers as part of Affiliate Advisor Group according to their sales page.

This is to help you go through the initial setup process and get a clear understanding on how to proceed with the system.

Whilst this may well help some people get started, it is also worth pointing out that many business opportunity programs double-up the “coach” as a kind of salesperson.

So part of the process is often to upgrade to more expensive services that they have on offer so they can make more money from you!

They may well be really helpful and keep you on the right track, but it is always worth bearing in mind that they may well also be a salesperson on behalf of the company as well.

Summary of Review – Is Affiliate Advisor Group A Scam?

To finish of my review of Affiliate Advisor Group, I don’t think it is a scam but there are a few red flags that are raised in my mind when taking a look at the sales page.

I am not keen on the “breaking news” footage they have at the beginning with the media news outlets.

Sometimes people think this is some sort of endorsement from well known news companies for the offer itself.

But the news presentations are not talking about Affiliate Advisor Group specifically. It is just generic footage about the work-at-home industry as a whole.

The actually internet marketing business model sounds good to me though…it is what I do!

However, I am skeptical this is the best way to start generating an online income for most people.

That is because of the hype and unrealistic expectations that they give away in the sales presentation.

Whilst it is a cool business model, many people will be disappointed when it is not as easy as they said it would be and thus will quit right away and want a refund.

I also don’t like the hard-selling approach where they are pressurizing people to make a purchase right away in order to get as many sales as possible.

It might well have quality training/services on the inside, but are using a very hyped-up way to try and get people through the front door.

Generating consistent profits with you own online business by working from home is very much possible, but it does take a realistic understanding of the daily actions you need to take to get things moving.

In any case, I hope my thoughts about Affiliate Advisor Group were of help to you!

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