Ad Formula Review – System That Works?

Ad Formula Review – does this system really work or is it more just another banner traffic exchange scam? Let us take a look.

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ad formula

Ad Formula Review

Ad Formula appears to be a presell system in order to promote a banner ad / traffic exchange MLM offer on the backend. This review will see if you can really make money with it or not.

At the time of writing the backend offer is called and it seems to be a program based around buying big advertising packages in return for the ability to make money as part of their compensation plan with those package purchases.

On an initial look it appears to be similar to other programs such as Banners Broker and My Advertising Pays. The traffic with these sort of programs often tends not to be very high quality because the visitors are incentivized to click the link as part of the money making scheme rather than having a genuine interest in what the advertisement has to say.

Also, the big package costs for those levels seem to be a way of paying members for recruiting new users into the Click 2 Sell system with their affiliate commissions. So is kind of like an MLM type program where money is made from recruiting new members rather than the actual buying and selling of quality online advertisements.

Ad Formula – Does It Work?

In this Ad Formula review people are going to want to know if it works or is just another scam. The first thing to note is that the income claims made on the website are very hype filled and seem completely unrealistic. The way the testimonial videos are read out also seem very unnatural as though someone is reading from a script. These big amounts may be possible for some members, but are going to be out of reach for the typical newbie.

Having said that there are usually a number of people who make big money with these types of traffic exchange platforms and they are already experienced marketers who have a large email database of people to email. By recruiting lots of people into the system they will be triggering a number of those package purchases and commissions coming their way.

However, just because someone has the ability to successfully promote the program and make a lot of money does not mean that it is a legitimate product that gives value to the customer. Just that they have done well promoting it.

It is also worth pointing out that the “news report” opening in the sales video presentation are not actual reports talking about this website. It is just generic news footage taken and edited into the sales video to try and add some credibility to this program. A lot of affiliate launch sites use this breaking news style presentation as well.

In summary, whilst some big dogs will probably make big money by recruiting others into this advertising program, the typical newbie is likely to struggle to get any results and it is not clear if the advertising traffic to be purchased is going to be of high quality and convert into actual sales.

Thanks a lot for checking out this Ad Formula Review.

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