7 Minutes Daily Profits Review – Scam or Legit Software?

7 Minutes Daily Profits review by Ipas Discount sees if this Clickbank software really makes $500 per day or is just a scam.

Our review of 7 Minutes Profits will dive into both the business model used to supposedly make that $500/day as well as the sales tricks they have used on the sales page.

Lots of people are going to be getting emails promoting this offer right now.

There is a lot of hype and buzz surrounding it. And marketers want their commissions from you buying from their link.

We shall therefore help to clear up any confusion and let you know exactly what this program is all about.

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7 Minutes Daily Profits Review

7 Minutes Daily Profits claims to be able to make $500/day with free software that they give you. Our review will look at how this money is supposed to be made and try to figure out if it is real or a scam.

7 minutes daily profits reviewWith any of these new launches on the Clickbank marketplace you are going to get lots of people sending out emails to their subscriber base to try and get people to buy via their link.

This is how affiliate marketing works and it is that same process that the 7 Minutes Daily Profits software will be teaching you.

But at the same time it can be hard to tell which products are worth buying and which are just hype and people are just promoting them to get a quick commission from you.

We will aim to clear up that confusion within this blog post.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Affiliate Marketing System

In this review of 7 Minutes Daily Profits we can confirm that you are learning how to make money with affiliate marketing.

This is actually a very cool and flexible way to generate an income from the comfort of home.

It is all about building your own simple websites and doing daily marketing to promote those websites to generate daily traffic, leads and sales.

Affiliate marketing can be a bit slow going at first, but it can be a fun process.

If you stay consistent with posting your ads and getting your content out there then you start off by getting a trickle of daily visitors to your website that can overtime snowball to some very exciting results.

But the problem with 7 Minutes Daily Profits is that they try to make it sound as though you just need to download their system, click the mouse button a few times, and you will be banking big cash quickly….but that is not the case at all!

So it might not be a scam, because affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to run a business. It is just the hyped-up way they present the opportunity gives beginners the wrong impression.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Website Layout

7 Minutes Daily Profits has a website layout very similar to another Clickbank product called Bulletproof Profits.

There are other programs like this including Secret Millionaire Bot and AZ Millionaire Method.

Bulletproof Profits was another affiliate marketing system that used the exact same sales page structure.

They have a catchy headline with a big income claim in white and yellow text.

There is the same grey background, sales video box layout and add to cart button below the video.

7 minutes daily profits

One of the most interesting similarities between 7 Minutes Daily Profits and Bulletproof Profits is the product price point of $9.

Usually products in this industry cost $47 or $37 so it is interesting the see newer ones coming out at just $9.

Whilst the lower entry price may indicate a cheaper product, in reality there are likely to be a number of upsells on the backend where the product vendor makes most of their money back.

Because yet another product is coming out with the exact same price and same type of sales page must indicate that Bulletproof Profits did very well indeed and made the affiliates and vendor a lot of money.

The same is likely to be the case with 7 Minutes Daily Profits. But that does not mean the paying customers using the system will be making money as well, but most definitely those promoting it for Clickbank commissions.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Scam or Legit?

Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits a scam?

Well, if you learn at least one or two useful internet marketing strategies in the training that you can go and apply in your online business ventures then it will be probably worth the price of entry.

But the problem comes when people purchase the expensive upsells and expect to be able to make hundreds of dollars per day without doing much work.

It is not because the 7 Minutes Daily Profits software or training is a scam, but the hypey way they have presented it makes people think it is.

Affiliate marketing can definitely be scaled-up to an impressive daily income. And the people who created this system are probably top marketers who are doing really well themselves.

It is just there is a learning curve for those brand new to the industry and they will need to put in some consistent work and effort as they learn the ropes.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Discount and Review Summary

7 Minutes Daily Profits discount of 97% is mentioned on the checkout page for this system.

It is hard to tell if the product was actually ever sold at that price point before or if the discount claim is just a bit of fake scarcity.

There is also fake scarcity used in the red banner at the very top of the website. They claim the offer will be taken down if you do not buy by midnight, but then you can visit the website the very next day and it will still be available but with the date pushed back 1 extra day!

That scarcity is used to try and pressure people to buy right away so that the affiliates promoting it and the product vendor themselves make more money from the traffic they get to the sales page.

And in summary for this 7 Minutes Daily Profits review, you will probably learn some useful digital marketing strategies for getting more traffic, leads and sales and it is therefore probably not a complete scam.

But the hyped-up way the program is presented with all the big income claims will make some customers think it is a scam if they do not quickly make the sort of money they were shown on the sales video presentation.

Affiliate marketing is definitely a business worth getting involved in, it is just hard to tell if this is the best way to do so.

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