4 Week Manifestation Review – Is Andrew Jakovic Legit?

4 Week Manifestation Review – is the Andrew Jakovic system legit or just a bunch of hype? All is revealed.

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4 week manifestation

4 Week Manifestation Review

4 Week Manifestation by Andrew Jakovic is a brain recalibration program. This review will look at whether it will actually work for you to make more money, get better health, and improve your relationships and overall confidence, or not.

This system is not a scam but at the same time it is worth pointing out that the testimonials that they feature are going to be from members who get the best results and not your typical customer. But all the positive feedback is a good sign at what is possible with this program even if there are no guarantees that everyone will experience the same outcome.

The product gives you MP3 audio files to download and listen to for 30 minutes per day for a period of at least 4 weeks. That is it. No extra work, meditation exercises, or reading boring 300 page PDF documents is needed! The audio files are designed with innovative scientific research findings by a professional neurologist. It is all about combining the main types of brain wave (alpha, beta, theta, delta & gamma) stimulation into one audio in order to unconsciously “rewire” the brain to gain more alertness, confidence, and receptibility to the opportunities around you so that life changing events have more chances of taking place.

In this 4 Week Manifestation review we can say that it is not a magical quick fix gimmick and is not going to make someone a millionaire or super successful overnight. But for those that come into it with an open mind, realistic expectations, and are prepared to stay consistent with the listening of the MP3 download, then there is an excellent chance of seeing some very exciting and positive life changes.

4 Week Manifestation – How It Works

4 Week Manifestation by Andrew Jakovic works by you listening to MP3 audio tracks as part of the following 4-step process. This is all designed to re-calibrate your brain and subconscious thought processes.

Week 1 – The first stage acts as a mind cleansing week to remove any lingering negative thoughts such as anger, frustrations, grief, jealousy, bitterness etc. This is designed to prepare a solid foundation and a clean slate to build upon.

Week 2 – This is the foundation week where you lay the foundation in order to rewrite your present and to manifest your desired future. The audio works at teaching the neurons in your brain to process thoughts, knowledge and information differently without the interfering negative noise.

Week 3 – This is the calibration stage where the brain “writing” takes place. According to the system, you are the writer of your own destiny and in this week you will be able to write the present in the way you want in order to manifest your desired future and current state of being.

Week 4 – After all the brain re-calibration, the final stage focuses on you taking back control of your brain’s thought process and to control the direction your mind takes you and thus the direction your life will head in. Whether it is a matter of gaining more wealth, success, improved health or relationships, this is where you determine your future course.

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