25 Dollar 1UP Review – Does It Work?

25 Dollar 1UP Review – hey, does this MLM system really work or is it just another scam launch? We take a look on this page!

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25 dollar 1up

25 Dollar 1UP Review

25 Dollar 1UP is a new online MLM system. This review will look at how it works and whether you can make money with it or whether it is a scam.

The way it works is that when you join you get access to a turnkey marketing system to use to recruit other members into it and then earn commissions as part of the affiliate programs built into the back office. You get the exact same sales funnel to use as the process you go through yourself to join in the first place.

The entry level product costs $25 and you earn a $25 commission when you resell it as an affiliate. There is also a $10 admin fee that is paid directly to the company and there are no commissions on that. The only “catch” is that you need your own payment processor such as a Paypal account in order to accept the money.

The benefit of getting paid directly is that you instantly get access to your commissions and can reinvest them back into your business. The disadvantage is that any refunds will come directly out of your payment processor which could raise flags and lead to suspensions if you get lots of them.

There is then a $100 upgrade level and in order to qualify to resell that product for 100% commissions you also need to first purchase the product. It looks like they are also working on high ticket $250 and $500 levels as well for those bigger commissions.

The 1UP style compensation plan means that you pass-up your 2nd sale to your sponsor, but keep all other commissions. This in turn means that as you build your own downline then you will receive the 2nd sale from each of your members when they go onto make their own sales.

25 Dollar 1UP – Does It Work?

In this 25 Dollar 1UP review it is worth talking about what is contained within the products that you buy and resell. You get online marketing training in conjunction with tools and marketing material to help you promote your business on the internet.

At the basic  level you get done-for-you lead capture pages and pre-written ads. When you get to the $100 level then you also get postcard mailing advertisements to use and the ability to email promotional messages to your downline. There is also more advanced home business and personal development training as well as more marketing material and tools to use.

In terms of whether this works, it is likely that experienced entrepreneurs with a large existing email list will make good money quickly by simply sending out a few promotional emails. The low cost entry level stands a good chance of getting high conversions, and then on the backend some of those higher ticket upgrades should be triggered.

But the typical beginner may struggle at first as they need to learn traffic generation and MLM recruiting/team building skills in order to make this work. They do give you a system, marketing material, and training so there is going to be help there and good value in some of the products. But with these turnkey business opportunities they can get saturated after a while with everyone promoting the same links.

Money making systems are much easier to make work for the typical beginner when you don’t have to be a sponsor and recruit others into your downline and then go about trying to train them to duplicate as well. Those are quite experienced skills to master.

Whether you give it a go or not, thanks for reading this review of 25 Dollar 1UP.

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