24-7 Wealth Club Review – Scam or Legit $13,127?

Our review of 24-7 Wealth Club picks apart this Clickbank system and whether it makes 13K/week or is a 24-7 Wealth Club scam?

Lots of people will be getting 24-7 Wealth Club emails. This review therefore helps to clear up any confusion and why there is so much hype and buzz surrounding this offer right now.

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24-7 wealth club

24-7 Wealth Club Review

24-7 Wealth Club is a Clickbank affiliate marketing system. It provides training on how to generate an income by promoting affiliate programs on the Clickbank marketplace and other affiliate platforms.

In fact, lots of affiliates will be promoting this right now.

So the email you got about 24-7 Wealth Club will likely be from someone who will earn a commission if you buy the product via their link.

That is how affiliate marketing works and is well worth learning more about.

When you get to the stage of having a big email list like those top marketers, you can simply send out an email and generate instant commissions.

Having said that, it is always worth treating testimonials and recommendations via email with a bit of scepticism. That is because they are financially incentivized to get you to buy the product via their link. So always do your own research to learn more about the product.

In this review I will go over the layout and sales tricks on the sales page and a bit more about how the system works and tips for seeing success in this industry.

I did a similar overview for the 15 Minute Manifestation website as well.

24-7 Wealth Club Affiliate Marketing System

24-7 Wealth Club is not only a product that affiliate marketers will be promoting, but it in turn teaches customers how to make money online with the same business model.

Although with these type of products I always get the impression that the people who make the most money are going to be the affiliates promoting it for their commissions rather than the customers using the training inside the product itself!

That is because there is a bit of a learning curve associated with learning how to do online marketing.

As a result it is important to take your time to go through the training and give yourself a good few months of taking consistent action before expecting to make significant profits.

But with programs like 24-7 Wealth Club they make it sound like you can just activate a software and click a few buttons to become rich. But that is not the case and it is that unrealistic way of presenting the offer that makes people think it is a scam and thus to quit early

How Affiliate Marketing Works

As part of this 24-7 Wealth Club review let us talk a bit more about what affiliate marketing entails.

It is basically the process of getting paid to promote other peoples products.

When someone visits your website, clicks a link to go to a sales page and then makes a purchase, it will be you as the referring affiliate that will make a commission.

It is the vendors way of saying thank you for referring the sales.

The beauty of this business model is the potential for residual income that it can produce.

When you post a blog post to your website, an article to a directory, a social media post, a video on YouTube etc. then that content will remain up on the internet for many years to come.

So as long as you stay consistent with your marketing you will be getting more and more content out there on the internet and thus more and more clicks to your website and affiliate offers.

It can be an enjoyable process that whilst potentially slow at first, can build very quickly to nice profits with the more work you do over time.

Is 24-7 Wealth Club A Scam

Not sure about a 24-7 Wealth Club scam, but there are a few red flags that pop up as I looked and the website.

First of all, it is probably not a scam providing you will learn some useful marketing strategies inside the membership area.

The product costs only $37 so if for that price you get a better understanding of how the industry works, how to build you 1st website and promote it to generate traffic on the internet then you will probably have at least got that much money’s worth.

However, there are likely to be expensive upgrade options. Many times they claim that these upgrades will result in you making thousands of dollars without any extra work.

So if people expect to make lots of money easily simply by buying all the upgrades then I think they may well be disappointed and in the end not get the value for the additional expenditure.

Red Flags

The red flags that popped-up in my mind for 24-7 Wealth Club involved the fact that they make big income claims.

13K per week is not something that the typical beginner is going to be able to achieve. To be fair to the website though, they are not guaranteeing that income will be made but simply stating that the system creator himself is getting those results.

The product vendor is going to be an experienced entrepreneur with a big email list and that is why they will be able to make that kind of money.

Also, the sales page claims that there are only 9 spots left before the system closes down.

In my experience those type of claims are fake scarcity and they are unlikely to close down the offer. They want to take your cash!

Finally, I am not convinced by the 24-7 Wealth Club testimonials. They claim that members are generating thousands of dollars as a result of the system.

I find it hard to believe that beginners will be able to generate that kind of cash quickly.

Also, there is little evidence to show where these reviews came from. There are no screenshots, photos, or video testimonials.

So we just have to take the word of the website that these are real people getting real results with the program.

And finally, I don’t like the fact that they don’t explain what their unique method is for making money.

They simply state that it is a money making system without going into detail on the type of strategies you will learn.

They give little away because they want you to buy the product to find out how it works!

24-7 Wealth Club Review Summary

24-7 Wealth Club is on Clickbank and as a result lots of affiliate marketers will be sending out emails about it for their commissions when someone buys via their link.

Because of the lack of transparency and hype in the sales video I would guess that most of the money made with this system is going to be from those affiliates promoting it rather than the customers using it!

However, I would not say that it is a scam. The reason for that is that most of these products will actually teach you some interesting online marketing strategies that you can apply to your business.

It is just the unrealistic and hypey way that they present the offer that is going to be the cause of disconnect between what customers think they will get and the reality of the product offering inside the members area.

Anyhow, thanks for taking a look at my review of 24-7 Wealth Club.

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