2019 Blast Off Review – $130/Day With Bill Hugall?

Bill Hugall 2019 Blast Off review sees whether you can make $130/day with this system or is it just 2019 Blast Off hype?

This review of 2019 Blast Off by Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer will see if this digital marketing system is likely to make money or not.

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2019 Blast Off Review

2019 Blast Off by Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer is a system sold via the Warrior Plus platform. This review will see if you can expect to make money with this or not.

First of all, there is certainly no 2019 Blast Off Scam going on.

2019 blast off

Bill Hugall is a legitimate internet marketer who has developed a reputation for selling high quality training products sold via the Warrior Forum and JVZoo platforms.

You can also tell it is real because he appears in person in the sales video presentation so it is not some anonymous pen name.

Also, the testimonials are Facebook screenshots from real customers and not some fake paid actor testimonials.

I talked about the type of testimonials featured on recent Clickbank launches in my review of Ecom Cash Crusher and my blog post about Auto Chat Profits.

Internet Marketing Tactic With 2019 Blast Off

Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer’s 2019 Blast Off system teaches you an internet marketing strategy for generating traffic on the internet and making money by promoting affiliate programs with it.

They also provide income proof screen shots of how they have generated $130/day with the same method.

But like most of these low priced $7 internet marketing training products on JVZoo and Warrior Forum/Warrior Plus, they do not actually reveal what the method is on the sales page!

That is because they want you to discover the secret to how they are making money online by actually buying the product.

It is a technique that they do a lot of these type of sales page. The more vague they are and the less they give away about their method then the better the sales conversions tend to be.

Bill Hugall 2019 Blast Off – What It Is NOT

In this 2019 Blast Off review it is worth pointing out that whilst they do not reveal the method they are using to make money online, they do say what it is not.

This is another common sales page tactic used in this WarriorPlus.com affiliate launches.

Some people are fed up of certain strategies that have failed for them in the past or have seen loads of other training programs all teach the exact same thing.

2019 blast off review

As a result, it puts their mind at rest that that unpopular method for them will not be covered in 2019 Blast Off because it is a brand new method.

So it certainly looks like customers are going to learn lots of useful new skills on how to setup profitable campaigns with a unique online strategy.

They sales that it does not require an email list to make work, that it does not involve SEO or blogging, no creating videos, and no complicated tech skills or previous experience. It does not look to be about Cryptocurrencies either such as with Crypto Blueprint.

Does 2019 Blast Off Actually Work?

So, does 2019 Blast Off by Simple Spencer and Bill Hugall actually work?

It is clearly working for them from their screenshots and a number of the 2019 Blast Off testimonials are coming from people who are reporting good results as well.

And as mentioned already, these look like legitimate reviews from actual customers and not some fake paid actor style testimonial!

2019 blast off testimonials

But not everyone is going to get results with this.

And they have obviously hand picked the best reviews from social media to make it look like anyone can get results with this.

But in reality only a small amount of people will take their time to consume ALL the training and then start taking ACTION on what they have learned on a consistent basis.

For those that work hard and give the system a proper go for the coming weeks and months, then there is going to be an excellent chance of building up a nice side income online.

But for those that quit as soon as it gets a bit tough and those that do not actually put the training into action, they are unlikely to make any money.

How To Buy 2019 Blast Off with Bonuses?

You buy 2019 Blast Off from the official sales page which uses WarriorPlus as the company to complete the checkout.

Warrior Plus is both a digital retailer and an affiliate platform. So these 2 guys will get lots of other affiliates promoting this offer in return for commissions.

It is a legitimate retailer for customers and they have a strong track record in terms of handling the sales  process for new launches on WarriorForum.com.

The 2019 Blast Off bonuses include the “2019 Blast Off Case Study” and “3 Quick Start Methods”. So you get to see exactly how they are applying this tactic into their own businesses, step-by-step, so you can see how to try and make it work for you as well.

Sometimes other affiliate marketers will often create their own bonus package if you buy via their link so that they get the commission. Those 2 bonuses are the ones the actual product creators give everyone with the initial purchase.

Anyhow, thanks for checking out my 2019 Blast Off review.

Hopefully my thoughts about this new internet marketing product launch were of help as you go about your own due diligence and research about this new make money online strategy.

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