1 Day Work Week Review – Legit Accelerator or Scam?

Welcome to my review of 1 Day Work Week – is it a legitimate home business accelerator system or a 1DayWorkWeek.biz scam?

As part of this 1 Day Work Week review we will look at their claim to be America’s #1 Home Based Business.

It also claims to give you an automated step-by-step system that even complete beginners can use to start profiting with their own online business.

I will put my years of experience in the industry to give you my honest review of the 1 Day Work Week accelerator account as part of this blog post.

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1 Day Work Week Review

1 Day Work Week is an online business opportunity that has it’s sales video presentation listed on the 1DayWorkWeek.Biz website.

As part of my review I will look at this sales video presentation, and the products and services that this company has on offer.

1 Day Work Week

It is a new-launch so things are at an early stage.

And it tends to be at these initial pre-launch stages that the most hype and buzz surrounds the company in question.

1 Day Work Week is an online business opportunity with a network marketing style compensation plan.

As a customer you get to access a number of different educational products. This training is all about how to effectively do sales and marketing in the online business world and to be able to utilize sales systems and product funnels to help automate the process.

There is then a network marketing compensation plan attached to this product funnel.

This means that customers have the opportunity to resell the products in return for commissions. Some people will build a team and also get some credit when their own team members go onto make sales.

Is 1 Day Work Week A Scam?

As part of this 1 Day Work Week review, let us see if this is a scam or a legitimate opportunity.

It does not look like a scam to me.

The sales presentation is actually pretty open and transparent about what you get with the opportunity.

It is clear that the CEO of the company himself is the one reading through the presentation and he is not trying to hide behind an anonymous pen name or a hired voice over artist.

They also do not have the typical fake scarcity tactics that many sales page use in this industry nowadays.

Lots of other programs claim their are only a limited number of spaces remaining to try and pressure you to make a purchase.

And lots of other offers use paid actors to make fake testimonials as part of the video presentation. They often make some pretty outlandish income claims in the process.

But thankfully the 1 Day Work Week .biz website is not using these hard selling sales tactics.

1 Day Work Week Products

One Day Work Week appears to have a product suite consisting of 4 main products.

  • Product #1: The 1 Day Work Week Accelerator Account – includes basic training on internet marketing, traffic generation, and closing leads into sales.
  • Product #2: 1 Day Work Week Inner Circle – More advanced training with a special focus on applying personal development and mindset to the home business world.
  • Product #3: Funnel Lifestyle – Learn how to automated your business with sales funnels and internet marketing systems to give yourself more time freedom.
  • Product #4: Traffic Kings – This is in depth training on how to generate traffic and leads online. Includes strategies such as social media, blogging, pay per click advertising, solo ads, safelists and more.

These products are part of a sales funnel where the price of each item incrementally increases.

Users can also take part in the business opportunity to promote these items to others using the provided marketing systems. Or they can simply apply the training to promote other products and opportunities they are already involved with.

Does 1 Day Work Week Actually Work?

Can you really make money with 1 Day Work Week?

There are 2 aspects to getting use out of this business: 1) making money from the business opportunity itself by promoting this product suite as an affiliate marketer 2) using the training on marketing, lead generation and sales funnels to promote other products and services, network marketing opportunities etc.

No matter how people decide to make use out of the products, success or failure is going to be down to the ability to generate consistent leads.

It is all about focusing on sending daily clicks to your lead capture page, which is the front end of your system.

When the visitor enters in their email address on this page then you capture the lead and have a subscriber added to you email list.

They are then automatically sent to the sales page of the funnel you are promoting and paying customers are sent through an upsell sequence of the higher priced products on the backend.

The people who do well with these types of systems are those that get daily leads opting in to their squeeze page and thus visiting the sales page.

Those who struggle often get caught up in the technical aspects of things or trying to close sales on just a handful of leads. But lots of consistent lead flow is needed in this industry.

Summary Of My 1 Day Work Week Review

In summary of my review of the 1 Day Work Week home business system, it does look like a legitimate company and not a scam.

It is very similar to a lot of other opportunities that are around today and that have come and gone over the years.

The similarity is they have a sales funnel of internet marketing training products that you can use as a customer to learn how to do sales, marketing and lead generation. And then you can also resell these same products for commissions as an affiliate if you wish to make money with the attached business opportunity.

Not everyone likes being a network marketing style sponsor though, and as a result some users may opt to use the training to promote other affiliate programs and products instead.

Either way, the ability to make money with One Day Work week will come down to the ability to take massive action and getting daily subscribers opting-in to your lead capture page and watching the sales video presentation on a consistent basis.

Thanks again for stopping by this post.

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